Bruce Cutler from Netflix’s Get Gotti: What happened to John Gotti’s attorney?

American gangster John Gotti
John Gotti as seen in Get Gotti. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix has recently released a captivating documentary that delves into the notorious life and legacy of John Gotti, the infamous mob boss.

The documentary provides a rare insight into Gotti’s criminal empire and the legal defense he received from Bruce Cutler, an unconventional attorney. The exact attorney who made Gotti known as “Teflon Don.”

Through a gripping narrative, the documentary sheds light on the world of organized crime and the relentless pursuit of the legal system to bring the mob figure to justice.

However, the lawyer’s “wise guy” persona has caught the attention of Netflix viewers.

Many are curious to know what happened to Bruce Cutler, the infamous attorney of John Gotti.

This is what became of Bruce Cutler after the events depicted in the Netflix documentary Get Gotti.

Who is Bruce Cutler?

John Gotti’s lawyer rose to celebrity in the 1980s, taking on the Gotti case. Like Michael Avenatti handling Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit, the lawyer became a massive household name in a tabloid-driven manner.

His website indicates he is a Brooklyn Law Graduate who has tried over 50 cases, with a methodology of handling one case/client at a time.

During his time as Gotti’s attorney, the now 75-year-old lawyer reached an acquittal three times. By the time the 4th case came around, Cutler was deemed unfit to represent Gotti, citing that evidence showed he was aware of crimes while representing the mob boss.

The Netflix documentary dishes on Cutler’s adoration of Gotti. A former associate of the crime boss, Anthony Ruggiano Jr., humorously recounts the lawyer’s fondness for his client, saying, “I think he wanted to be John Gotti.” He adds, “He dressed like John Gotti, and he would shake our hands and kiss our cheeks like a wise guy.”

The documentary also retells his dramatic courtroom style, discussing where Cutler ripped the indictment in half before jurors and threw it in the trash.

But what became of John Gotti’s attorney? Is he still practicing law?

What happened to Bruce Cutler?

Bruce Cutler gained fame as Gotti’s lawyer and has since made several appearances in film and television as himself. He made a brief appearance in the underrated crime thriller 15 Minutes, starring Robert De Niro, and appeared as himself in the TV series Blue Bloods.

In 2008, he participated in a show called Jury Duty, where celebrities acted as jurors for television. Cutler and Ed Hayes also had a show on CourtTV called, you guessed it, Cutler and Hayes.

Cutler’s website indicates that he still practices law in New York, with a menu of focus areas in front of a New York skyline. The practice areas include Investigation, Criminal Law, Trials, and Appellate Advocacy.

Beyond his website, the 75-year-old Criminal Defense Attorney seems primarily absent from social media except for a Twitter account that has been abandoned since 2014.

But for now, curious viewers can relive the Cutler and Gotti years on the streaming service.

Get Gotti is now on Netflix.

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