Brianne Howey from Ginny and Georgia: Who did she play in Hart of Dixie?

Promotional still from Ginny and Georgia.
Brianne Howey plays Georgia Miller in Ginny and Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

The Ginny and Georgia star Brianna Howey has been a major topic of conversation as she wooed over fans through her flawless portrayal of Georgia Miller, a femme fatal single mother who seems to cause trouble wherever she goes. 

Although Ginny and Georgia is Howey’s Netflix debut, she has made appearances in dozens of other projects including the CW comedy-drama Hart of Dixie. 

Who did Brianne Howey play in Hart of Dixie? 

Howey starred in a single episode of Hart of Dixie. She played the character Lulabelle in the episode titled A Better Man. This episode was Season 3, Episode 19. Although Lulabelle’s role in the episode is brief, it’s a fun one. Howey’s character has two sides to her — one that is perfect for public appearances and another that is solely focused on having a good time. 

In addition to playing Lulabelle in Hart of Dixie, Howey has also played a role in the television series Batwomen. She starred in four episodes as the character Reagan, an ex-girlfriend of Kate Kane. Other roles include playing the recurring character Shauna Babcock in The Passage, Scarlet in I Live With Models and Kat Vance in the Exorcist series on Fox.

Additionally, Howey appeared in Hulu’s Dollface alongside Kat Dennings (WandaVision, 2 Broke Girls), Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens and two episodes of the beloved crime procedural drama Criminal Minds.

Where can you find Howey online? 

Brianne Howey is very active on her Instagram where she has been sharing behind-the-scenes images from the set of Ginny and Georgia, as well as pictures of her photoshoots and adorable dog.

One of her latest behind-the-scenes looks comes from the Halloween episode of Ginny and Georgia. In the fictional town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, Halloween is celebrated as a momentous occasion. Howey’s character Georgia is able to impress her peers with her (stolen) Halloween decorations and lavish costume for the evening’s festival. 

Howey writes, “Casual Friday at the Mayor’s office,” while sharing a picture of her and her castmates in their festival attire. 

The actor additionally has a Twitter account where she is less active, but still regularly updates.

What’s next? While Ginny and Georgia has been dominating the Netflix trending lists worldwide since its debut, it still hasn’t been renewed for a Season 2. Recently, actors from the show posted on their Instagram story to encourage their fans to keep streaming the series — sharing that it is a foolproof way to get a renewal.

Ginny and Georgia is currently streaming on Netflix.

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