Briana says Jasmine is ‘up Terra’s a**’ as battles take toll on Little Women: LA

Briana accuses Jasmine of "being up Terra's a**" on this week's Little Women: LA
Briana accuses Jasmine of “being up Terra’s a**” on this week’s Little Women: LA

Briana risks ending up out on her own on Little Women: LA — after her constant battles with Terra Jole start to take their toll on her friendship with Jasmine Arteaga Sorge.

It’s been episode after episode of run-ins between Briana and Terra, with Terra accusing her of trying to steal her manager.

This week Jasmine and her husband decide it’s better to let Briana “fight her own battles”.

The episode sees Terra belittle Briana, who sets up a boudoir photo shoot to try and further her modeling career, in front of the ladies.

But Jasmine doesn’t want to get sucked into the negative vibes.

When the women attend a Sexual Health Expo at Terra’s invitation Briana pulls up Jasmine about taking sides.

But she doesn’t do herself any favors when she accuses Jasmine of “being up Terra’s a**”.

Jasmine is visibly outraged at being drawn into the whole thing, and tells Briana: “This one time that I didn’t have your f***ing back, and you’re p***ed off at me? I’m about to blow up.”

Also this week on Little Women: LA, Elena Gant — who last week had to deal with the death of her dad — lays into Mary’s couture designs.

The episode is followed by the new Little Talk Live aftershow, which this week features Elena and Jasmine.

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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