Bow Wow album slammed, seeks Snoop Dogg’s advice on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

Snoop Dogg in a hoodie on Growing Up Hip Hop
Snoop Dogg talks to Bow Wow about his music on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

Bow Wow seeks advice from Snoop Dogg on this week’s Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta — after his album gets slammed by a hip hop DJ.

Footage from the WE tv series also shows him discussing his “retirement album”, with Snoop describing the decision as “huge”.

Bow Wow announced his retirement from rapping at the age of 29 last August in a series of messages posted on his Instagram and Twitter feeds.

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At the same time he announced his forthcoming album NYLTH would be his last. He later released a joint mixtape with Soulja Boy called Ignorant S*** in October.

Bow Wow said NYLTH would be executive produced by Snoop, who gave him his big break and later gifted him the name Lil’ Bow Wow after spotting him at a concert in LA in 1993.

He said at the time that NYLTH would be bundled with a movie for released, but did not reveal further details.

In one message he said: “Retirement only means that it is time for a new adventure” over 10 million sold. This the last one.”

In another, with a picture of Snoop holding a gun, he added: “My last album will be Executive Produced by my uncle Snoop and myself.

“Since he brought me in the game, its only right i involve him and end it with him.”

Bow Wow said he had always said he would retire from music before he was 30, and revealed he was going to concentrate on acting.

This week’s Growing Up Hip Hop sees the continuation of Toya Wright’s argument with Brandon Barnes after he dissed Lil’ Wayne.

And Brandon’s first big showcase ends in disaster.

'Watch Me Flip, Watch Me Nae Nae' Sneak Peek | Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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