Bosch Season 5 release date: When does Amazon’s police procedural return in 2019?

Bosch season 5
Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch. Pic credit: Amazon

Amazon renewed the police procedural series Bosch for a new 10-episode Season 5 in February 2018, shortly before the April 2018 launch of Season 4. The renewal announcement came as good news to fans because it meant they could binge watch Season 4 with the assurance that more of the much-loved series was coming to Amazon.

Bosch premiered on Amazon in February 2014. The series follows the LAPD detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver) investigating grisly crimes in the LA’s dark underbelly.

Bosch is Amazon’s longest-running scripted original. The series has ranked among Amazon’s most popular original series since it premiered in 2014. And since Season 4 launched on Amazon in April 2018, fans have been wondering when Bosch will return for Season 5.

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Bosch Season 5 release date

Bosch season 5
Bosch season 5: When will it return to Amazon? Pic credit: Amazon Prime

Bosch Season 5 will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime on April 19, 2019.

Bosch Seasons 1 through 4 are also currently available on Amazon Prime.

Bosch Season 5 details

Bosch Season 5 on Amazon. Pic credit: Amazon

Bosch Season 1 was inspired by Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels, The Concrete Blonde (1994), City of Bones (2002), and Echo Park (2006).

Amazon renewed the police procedural series for Season 5 on February 13, 2018, ahead of the April 13, 2018 debut of Season 4.

The series was developed for TV by showrunner Eric Overmyer (The Man in the High Castle, New Amsterdam, The Wire). Overmyer helms Bosch with Daniel Pyne (Fracture). He and Pyne co-executive produce the series with Connelly, Henrik Bastin (American Odyssey), Pieter Jan Brugge (The Insider), John Mankiewicz, Henrik Pabst, Jan David Frouman and Elle Johnson.

The production companies behind the series include Fabrik Entertainment and Red Arrow Studios International in collaboration with Amazon Studios.

On November 14, 2018, EP Michael Connelly confirmed the renewal of the series for Season 6. The early renewal came just before production on the Season 5 wrapped up.

Bosch Season 5 trailer

Bosch season 5
Bosch returns for Season 5. Pic credit: Amazon Prime

Amazon released the trailer for Bosch Season 5 on February 28, 2019.

Bosch - Season 5 Official Trailer | Prime Video

The video shows Bosch going undercover and J. Edgar and Lt. Billets showing concern when he falls off the radar.

Bosch’s daughter Maddie is also anxious about her dad.

It appears from the video that one of Bosch’s old cases is being reopened. The video also drops the hint that Bosch Season 5 will be based on Connelly’s novel Two Kinds of Truth. Connelly’s book fans will recognize Bosch quoting from the novel.

We also see Chief Irving (Lance Reddick) and attorney Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers) in the trailer. It appears that Chandler and Bosch will be working together next season despite their past uneasy relationship. We also catch a glimpse of Detective Rondell Pierce (DaJuan Johnson) and Santiago “Jimmy” Robertson (Paul Calderon).

The video also shows that a new detective is joining Hollywood Division in the upcoming season.

Bosch Season 5 cast

Bosch Amazon
Amazon renews Bosch for Season 5. Pic credit: Amazon

Bosch stars Titus Welliver (Lost, Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy) as the titular LAPD detective Harry Bosch, Madison Lintz (The Walking Dead) as Maddie Bosch, James Hector (Queen of the South) as Detective Jerry Edgar, Lance Reddick (The Wire, Fringe) as Deputy Chief Irvin Irving, and Amy Aquino (Being Human) as Lt. Grace Billets.

Chris Vance, Ryan Hurst and Jacqueline Obradors (Six Days, Seven Nights) will guest star in the upcoming season.

According to Deadline, Chris Vance (Transporter) will appear in Bosch Season 5 in a recurring role. He will play Dalton Walsh, the “Big Boss” of a prescription drug ring. Ryan Hurst (Bates Motel, Sons of Anarchy) will play Hector Bonner, Chandler’s former client who is now working with her.

Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement) is also appearing in Bosch Season 5. She will appear in multiple episodes of the upcoming season as Christina Henry, an investigator looking into one of Bosch’s old cases that was reopened.

Bosch Season 5 plot: what is it about?

Amazon's Bosch
Bosch stars Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch. Pic credit: Amazon

Bosch Season 5 will be based on Michael Connelly’s 2017 novel Two Kinds of Truth, in which Harry investigates a double murder with the San Fernando Police Department. A death row inmate also alleges that Harry framed him. However, the show is known to deviate significantly from the books, so we can’t entirely rely on the books for the details of the plot of the storyline of the upcoming season.

According to an official blurb, the story starts fifteen months after Bosch brings his mom’s killer to justice. While he is investigating a murder at a Hollywood pharmacy linked to an opioid ring, new evidence emerges in an old murder case that raises suspicions that Bosch might have planted evidence to send a man to death row.

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