Bob Menery’s 2019 Buffalo Wild Wings commercials: Watch all of them

Buffalo Wild Wings
The new Buffalo Wild Wings commercials will have you running for more wings. Pic credit: Buffalo Wild Wings/YouTube

Buffalo Wild Wings has released six new commercials to get you excited about March Madness — all voiced by ‘R Rated sports commentator’ Bob Menery.

March Madness is the annual NBAA college basketball tournaments where colleges across the States will compete for the championship title, which is handed out at the end of March.

Menery went viral back in the summer of 2017 after sharing his amazing commentary abilities on social media. In a video posted to YouTube, which to date has over 600,000 views, he shows off his talents as if he’s been announcing sports for decades.

Menery is passionate about sports. From North Andover, Massachusetts, he had spent time working as a caddie in Los Angeles at the Wilshire Country Club — and was actually the caddie for Aaron Rodgers at least 10 times.

While he wasn’t working as a commentator at the time, USA Today reports that he did call a game for the Indoor Football League’s Salt Lake Screaming Eagles.

Since going viral, his social following has continued to grow. On Instagram, he’s reached well over 1.7 million followers. His clips on Instagram certainly aren’t always primetime ready, though, as he regularly uses swearing throughout his posts.

The Daily Mail reports that it only took one video for him to sign with a voice-over agent and get a manager. This happened just weeks after he returned home to Boston after pursuing acting work in Los Angeles for four years, resulting in him sleeping in his car after being unemployed.

After the video went viral, he got 317 phone calls and that’s when he knew he had something that people could use and were willing to pay for. Menery was in the studio just two weeks ago doing the voice work for these new commercials.

The new commercials are an almost perfect job for him, combining both his skills as a commentator, but also as a sports lover.

March Madness is a popular time in the United States, as popular colleges battle against each other on the court. It’s also a great time to create brackets, hang with your friends, and — as Buffalo Wild Wings are trying to get across — eat some chicken wings.

The six commercials, which were uploaded to YouTube yesterday, are different but do have some overlap. Most of them highlight where you thought you’d be in life, and where you are now. This includes not having a man cave to watch sports, but instead having chores around the house and having a crying baby.

You can watch the videos below.

Two of the commercials also tackle watching March Madness at home and how chores in the house can influence whether you get to watch the game in its entirety. For example, during the break between the game and overtime, you have the option of taking out the trash, changing the baby’s diaper or order more wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Obviously, ordering wings is the more delicious and fun choice instead of doing chores around the house. When one of the guys in the commercial takes out the trash, he’s seen walking away from the house, possibly to the bar to order some delicious wings.

March Madness starts on Sunday and the games begin Tuesday, so there’s plenty of time to make arrangements for wings at the bar during game time.

March Madness starts on March 17 with Selection Sunday. The first four will play between March 19-20 in Dayton, Ohio.

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