Blue Bloods showrunner previews Season 13 showing an ‘upside-down world’

Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

The Reagans are facing some serious challenges in Blue Bloods Season 13. 

CBS has released three sneak peeks for the season premiere this Friday that give a hint to the problems the police clan has. 

The first shows a big change coming for Eddie and Jamie as they question which of them may need to leave their precinct. 

The second has Jamie complaining to Erin about a criminal being back on the street and that he’s tired of being “the quiet one” in the family.

The final clip has Frank discovering a big problem with the NYPD’s staff he needs to correct.

Also, showrunner Kevin Wade has previewed what makes the show work so well and what fans can expect when Season 13 begins. 

The first peeks at Season 13 are enticing

Entitled Keeping The Faith, the synopsis for the Season 13 premiere promises some developments for the Reagan family.

“The job takes a dangerous turn for the Reagans when Eddie and Jamie deal with a domestic violence case associated with an investigation led by Danny and Baez. Also, Frank and his friend, Archbishop Kearns (Stacy Keach), go on a mission to avail themselves to an unfiltered look at the city; and Erin is presented with a surprising offer by her ex-husband, Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann), regarding her run for District Attorney.”

CBS has now released a trio of brief clips for the episode that hint at some developments coming. 

The first scene has Eddie talking to Jamie about not wanting to leave the 2-9. Jamie agrees and says he will ask to be transferred.

Eddie doesn’t want that, but Jamie points out they can’t be working together for their entire careers. 

They’re interrupted by Badillo telling them of a domestic disturbance with Eddie going after him. 

This sets up a plotline of Jamie accepting a promotion to a new job in intelligence. 

The second scene comes after Jamie learns a criminal he once put away is back on the streets. Jamie yells at Erin about why they should bother arresting anyone as “this building has become a revolving door” for criminals. 

When Erin tells him to calm down, Jamie snaps, “Why, because I’m the quiet one? I’m the careful one? The one who will stand by and watch as the justice system falls apart?”

He finishes by declaring, “Maybe I don’t want to be the quiet one anymore,” before walking out. 

The final sneak peek has Frank being informed that the last quarter saw the NYPD have more officers quitting than any in history. 

While Sid tried to put a good spin on it being a cycle, it’s obvious how deeply Frank is troubled by this news.

This leads to the plotline of him and Kearns trying to find out how the public really feels about the NYPD.

All these clips hint at some of the big problems the Reagans face, which their showrunner says is part of their plan. 

Kevin Wade on Blue Bloods’ appeal in Season 13

As the series reaches a milestone Season 13, the question remains what makes it so popular with fans. 

Speaking to TV Line, showrunner Kevin Wade shared why the series takes a different tack than other procedural dramas on TV. 

“We have a prescribed thing that we do, for which I think the technical term is ‘a closed-end procedural.’ So we don’t tell serialized stories, we don’t have cliffhangers, we don’t replace cast members…. Many of the tools that long-running shows have, very much to our credit or to whatever, we don’t have at our disposal, so we try to work with what we have.”

Wade acknowledged that the rise of anti-police sentiment in the last few years has shifted the show. 

“It’s a very upside-down world in which a bunch of conservative Catholics from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn try to carry out the thing that they know to do…[The Reagans] are sort of the establishment and they’re sort of outliers, trying to do a last-century job in a new century where all the rules have been thrown out and nobody trusts anybody.”

Wade believes that the way Blue Bloods shows both sides of an issue and not making judgments is a key reason it resonates with viewers.

“Nobody is tuning in on Friday night at 10 o’clock to be taught a lesson or lectured on what the right point of view is. So when we try to address issues that have two very vocal sides to them, we try to build a soap box of equal dimensions for the, let’s call it, ‘antagonistic’ point of view.”

These clips show that Season 13 looks to continue this unique viewpoint that’s made Blue Bloods a hit and fans eager to see how it continues. 

Blue Bloods Season 13 premieres Friday October 7 at 10/9c on CBS.

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