Blue Bloods recap: The Reagans celebrate their 250th dinner

Blue Bloods
Frank (Tom Selleck) faces a crisis on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods hit a huge milestone in grand style.

After a case of Frank handling a mob, the series hit its landmark 250th episode with a tale that left a cop in critical condition, a friendship tested, and the Reagans at their limit.

But at the end of the day, Guilt was a reminder of what made Blue Bloods such a long-lasting success. 

A cop under fire

The episode opened with Eddie breaking apart a trio of neighbors who regularly wasted her time with these stupid fights. In this case, Roger (Ross Wellinger) was upset Mitchell (Andre De Shields), and Jonathan (Michael Cyril Creighton) were playing their music too loud, so they threatened his dog. She left while somehow knowing she’d be back. 

Erin and Anthony bantered on old jokes at the office before Anthony was called to see his supervisor Charlie Peterson (Rob McLachlan). Anthony was stunned to learn Peterson was retiring and more shocked he was being offered Charlie’s spot as chief investigator. 

Danny and Baez arrived on the scene to find Mitchell stabbed to death and learn how Eddie had just been there. Eddie related Roger had threatened Mitchell but didn’t think much of it. 

At the hospital, Frank arrived in time to see Angela Reddick (Ilfenish Hadera) being wheeled in with a gunshot wound to the belly. 

Erin was amazed to learn of the offer for Anthony, but he was thrown by her not being that happy. She suspected Crawford was behind this as another political move, with Anthony brushing her off as paranoid and upset Erin didn’t think Anthony was good enough for the job. He stormed out to tell Peterson he was taking the job. 

Frank talked to the injured Angela, who was already second-guessing herself. Frank offered her any help she needed to get back on the job. 

Roger’s boss at a local gym relayed he hadn’t come in and how skilled he was at hand-to-hand combat along with a hot temper. Just as Danny was about to seek out a warrant, Eddie dropped by with Roger in tow, having turned himself in. 

Moore found Sid in his office, talking about how rattled Frank was by Angela. Moore could tell Sid was blaming himself for pushing Angela back on the streets to get shot. 

There may be some games going on

In interrogation, a slightly drunk Roger admitted he didn’t like Mitchell but didn’t kill him. Eddie noted Danny’s interrogation and assumed Roger was guilty as he kept up the investigation.

Peterson gushed on Anthony being the new chief investigator, Anthony doing a speech and brushing off Erin wanting to see him. 

Moore talked to Baker about Sid’s guilt over Angela while Frank “blames himself for everything.” Baker was also feeling guilty about not greeting the only other woman to get to this level warmly. 

Anthony wasn’t confident in himself, with Peterson talking about how this was never a job for him but a calling. He said it was simply his time and lacked the energy to keep going. “Do the thing that scares you the most. All the best things in life are on the other side of that fear.”

Frank was taking a late-night smoke in the kitchen when Jamie dropped by to point out that every cop chose this life. Jamie also realized Frank knew Angela was lying about staying in the hospital with a head injury, and Frank had to keep up a charade in hopes Angela would overcome her fear on her own. Frank smiled that Jamie would make a good commissioner with his son laughing he wasn’t interested. 

Danny and Baez stopped by the morgue, where the medical examiner revealed Mitchell had died of a heart attack before he was stabbed. They and Eddie talked to Roger, who still denied stabbing Mitchell.

Coming together at the end

Peterson was giving instructions to the team while Anthony was distracted by Erin passing by. Anthony declared he wasn’t going to run these meetings like Peterson as he headed out.

Peterson was outraged at this, ordering Anthony to do this his way or not. That he didn’t seem a man ready to quit a job he loved made Anthony realize there was more to this than there seemed. He finally went to Erin to admit she was right about Crawford trying to push this whole thing. 

Erin said she did want Anthony in the job when she became D.A. as he was the only one she could trust. Anthony said if she ever made him feel that unworthy again, he’d quit but welcomed her for dinner now. 

Sid, Baker, and Moore dropped by Angela’s hospital room to apologize for their behavior before and wanted her to come back to 1PP. They were interrupted by Frank returning to tell Angela they caught her shooter.

He also related he’d seen through her story as Angela was still wary of getting back on the job. Frank told Angela he was her choice and he hoped she made the right one for herself.

Eddie found Roger accusing Jonathan of planting cameras to spy on him. Danny got a search warrant to check the cameras as it turned out Jonathan stabbed Mitchell over cheating on him, unaware the man was already dead. He was arrested as Eddie wondered if somehow Mitchell was reaching from beyond the grave.

The group talked about Angela recovering and admitted to making the offer in Frank’s name. Frank now understood why Angela was showing up with Sid holding out a chair as they were ready for her to join them.

But Angela brought up her take-charge persona didn’t fit a desk job as she wanted to be on the streets. She thanked them for the chance as she headed out with the trio disappointed but understanding.

At the St. Patrick’s Day dinner, Eddie learned Erin was going to be named Patrick as they’d expected another boy. However, Sean had no idea her name was based on an old Irish saying. 

Frank then led them all in a classic Irish toast as the Reagans celebrated the holiday in their own style. 

It was a light-hearted episode in some ways, but the balance of drama as well to make this a reminder of why Blue Bloods has lasted so long.

Blue Bloods Season 12 returns with new episodes on Friday April 1 at 10/9c on CBS.

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