Blue Bloods preview: is Frank leaving the NYPD?

Blue Bloods
Frank (Tom Selleck) meets Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Could this be the end of Frank Reagan as NYPD Commissioner?

The upcoming episode of Blue Bloods has Frank (Tom Selleck) given an offer that could lead to him leaving the NYPD… and he seems interested in taking it. 

Frank vs Mayor Chase

Season 12 of Blue Bloods has built up the considerable tension between Frank and Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh). 

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Walsh has been trying to put a good face on New York City to increase tourism and “let people feel safe.” The problem is, he’s also cut the NYPD’s budget, so Frank can’t actually enforce any of that. 

It’s built up more with Frank making a public arrest as a statement which led to Chase asking for Frank’s resignation. Frank refused, pointing out no one else would take the job either, yet this game of “chicken” between them grows.

Frank wasn’t the only Reagan facing some career challenges. After clashes with her boss, Crawford, Erin was given a new path when Anthony cooked up an “Erin Reagan for District Attorney” campaign and seemed to be mulling it over. 

Meanwhile, Jamie discovered Eddie was secretly studying to take the sergeant’s exam, happy for her but upset she didn’t tell him about it as Eddie wants to be more than just a beat cop.

Frank gets an intriguing offer

The preview for this week’s episode, Protective Instincts, has Frank being visited by his old buddy Lenny Ross (Treat Williams), who has an offer to make him.

Meanwhile, while Danny investigates a murder, his son Sean makes a choice that gets Jamie and Eddie into trouble while Erin continues to consider the idea of running for D.A.

“Frank must decide between remaining police commissioner and pursuing a new professional chapter when his old friend Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) presents him with an exciting job offer. Sean puts Jamie and Eddie in a tough position when he tries his hand at the family business behind his father Danny’s back. Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a restaurant delivery man.”

The promo has Henry telling Frank, “y”u have done right by our city. Now, yoyou’dike a little something for yourself,” “s the rest of the family look concerned. 

While itit’sard to imagine Frank ever leaving the NYPD, the fact that he’s even considering this offer speaks to how badly the pressure is getting to him. 

Whatever else, this will feature another fun appearance by Williams while the Reagans face growing challenges.

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS. 

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