Bizaardvark Season 4: Was Disney show canceled?

Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu) on Season 3 of Bizaardvark
Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu) on Season 3 of Bizaardvark. Pic credit: Disney Channel

Was Bizaardvark canceled or not? That’s a question fans want to be answered. The show has aired for three seasons on Disney Channel, but there are questions about the future.

Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Paige on the show, posted a photo to Instagram that has had a lot of fans chatting on social media. It shows the cast wrapping up filming of Season 3, possibly the final time they were on set together.

Will there be a Bizaardvark Season 4?

So far, only seven episodes have aired for Bizaardvark Season 3. The last one debuted on October 5, which was nearly two months after the previous one. The hiatus sparked worries among fans that the show was ending.

Halloweenvark Part 3: Mali-Boo! was the name of the latest episode. It was the latest Halloween installment for the program. On most cable services, there isn’t a note on when the next episode will air.

A fan site for the show might have just revealed the plot points for the next episode. This is only going to spur more rumors of Bizaardvark getting canceled.

“Feeling nostalgic, Paige and Frankie agree to Rowan Winwood’s pitch to travel to NYC and shoot a TV series about their lives.”

Could that just be the episode description for the Season 3 finale, and not necessarily the next episode? It could give the show some room to grow, much like Liv and Maddie did during its Season 4.

If Bizaardvark is canceled, where is Disney’s statement?

Disney Channel has been surprisingly silent about the future of Bizaardvark. There was never an official announcement about Season 3, leading to confusion about why there have been gaps between episodes.

There were supposed to be 21 new episodes of Bizaardvark for Season 3. This could mean that there are a lot of episodes left before the series finale, even if the show won’t come back for Season 4.

It’s also worth mentioning that DeVore Ledridge, who plays Amelia Duckworth on the show, had a very interesting post on social media when they wrapped up Season 3.

“Today is our last day shooting Bizaardvark and I honestly cannot believe it.”

So was Ledridge hinting that Bizaardvark is coming to an end? Or was she just talking about the end of the season?

Stay tuned folks, because no official word has come from Disney about the future of the show, let alone when the next episode will air on television.

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