Billy the Exterminator helps new mom with wild canine problem in Season 7 premiere

Billy the Exterminator
Billy the Exterminator is back for Season 7, critters beware!

Season 7 of Billy the Exterminator kicks off tonight with pest controller Billy Bretherton helping a new mother with a wild dog problem.

A new mom has had her pet dog grabbed by a wild canine and after other pets in the area have been targeted, she calls in Billy to help.

Later in the episode the team face a scary predator that can be tricky to deal with.

This season will see Billy tackle all manner of critters and pest as he comes to the rescue of householders who’ve had enough of mother nature knocking at their door.

One episode sees Billy and team try to get their hands on a wily beaver who is causing all manner of problems, but this crafty critter is in no mood to move and the action takes place in the water…no place for a man with big hair and a long coat you might think.

The show might be called exterminator but Vexcon Animal and Pest Control try their best to capture and relocate the animals they are called to deal with.

Billy himself is a keen naturalist and does his best to explain a bit about each animal and the habitats they tend to be found.

Billy the Exterminator airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c PM on A&E.

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