Big Brother spoilers: Punishments given out to cast on live feeds

Julie Chen Poofy Hair
Julie Chen hosting an Eviction Ceremony for Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Big Brother spoilers have emerged from the live feeds early Friday morning. It was already a very busy night for the BB21 cast, but now they are dealing with the punishments that come from the latest Head of Household Competition.

At the end of Episode 26 on Thursday night, host Julie Chen Moonves stated that people would be receiving punishments based on how they did in the HOH Competition. She did not elaborate any further than that.

Now, the live feeds have revealed those punishments, giving subscribers a front-row seat to what is happening. It’s certainly going to lead to a lot of laughs during a future episode of the show.

Big Brother spoilers: Punishment time

As seen in the images from Twitter shared below, Nicole Anthony, Jessica Milagros, and Cliff Hogg learned about their punishments late Thursday evening.

Big Brother spoilers: The pie punishment begins

It was then time to start the punishments. In a summer that seems to have new punishments each week, this one might add the most humor to the situation. It also seems to be playing into the theme of Prank Week.

The end result of all these pies to the faces of BB21 houseguests is that there is going to be a huge mess in the house. While it might be fun for Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff to do this together, as they have been pretty close in the house this summer, the cleanup isn’t going to be quite as enjoyable.

More Big Brother 21 news

In addition to what is going on inside the house, a lot is going on outside of it as well. Analyse Talavera gave Julie Chen Moonves an extended interview where she got to see her goodbye messages. It was an entertaining chat.

Also, the voting continues to decide who will become the Big Brother Prankster. The show has a site set up to place votes, but the entire poll is only going to run for 15 hours total. Vote early and often if you want to have an impact on the process.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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