Big Brother spoilers: Jackson admits to lies, says Nicole was disloyal

Cliff And Nicole Living Room
Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony in the Big Brother 21 Living Room. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother spoilers from Sunday afternoon paint an ugly picture of how Jackson Michie has been playing the game. As he continues to preach about playing with morals, while also lying about everyone, he revealed a final three plan.

Jackson and Nicole Anthony were chatting in the backyard and it was all summed up perfectly by him trying to keep Nicole from telling Cliff Hogg the truth. What truth was that? Jackson is bailing on a final three deal with him.

This bit of information is not surprising to subscribers watching the live feeds, as fans have been watching Jackson say one thing to Cliff and Nicole but then something different to Holly.

Remember when Holly said she was going home this week? She’s not. Remember when Jackson told Cliff he wasn’t working with Holly? He is. Remember when Jackson said he would vote out Holly? He’s not.

Remember when Jackson said that Nicole wouldn’t finish in third if she took the showmance to the final three with her? Try hard not to laugh at that one. It’s not part of his plan and it never really was. It was just another story.

Big Brother spoilers: Jackson still claims “moral” game

There are a lot of fans who have been stating that Jackson is just playing the game and that telling lies is just part of Big Brother. That’s probably true.

Nobody in recent memory has won a season without rolling out a lot of lies in order to make it to the end. Cue up videos of the personal attacks Kaycee Clark made against Scottie Salton when she was the Hacker last season.

Telling lies is one thing, but has Jackson really crossed the line by attacking people for their morals while he simultaneously impresses various lies on each of the remaining houseguests?

Do fans remember all of the bullyings he was a part of earlier in the summer 2019 season? That he gave his word that he was voting out Holly no matter what?

Veto Ceremony predictions

Jackson Michie has played himself into a prime position to become the Big Brother 21 winner. He won the Power of Veto this week and is going to use it to send Cliff to the BB21 jury.

It’s the end of the road for Cliff, who placed too much trust and faith in the word that Jackson and Holly gave them. Now Nicole is upset that she also fell for the lies.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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