Big Brother fans freak out after Andy Herren posts Amanda Zuckerman death hoax

Amanda Zuckerman in the Big Brother HoH room
Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15

Big Brother fans often follow previous houseguests on social media. Andy Herren won Season 15 and since then, he has been active on Twitter doling out his opinions on the current season of the show.

On Sunday night, Andy Herren sent out a tweet that said that Amanda Zuckerman had died. She is also a former Big Brother player.

There has been plenty of fallout stemming from Andy Herren tweeting that Amanda Zuckerman died. He thought that people would obviously know it was a joke since the announcement was tweeted with her wearing a bikini. Clearly, that isn’t what happened.

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The two played together on Season 15 and have clearly developed a friendship. She had a showmance with McCrae that year, something that garnered a lot of attention.

Amanda Zuckerman wasn’t incredibly well-liked after she made some unsettling comments toward the other houseguests. Since then, she has remained snarky with her commentary on Big Brother. Several fans follow her on social media as well.

After seeing what ensued after the tweet from Andy Herren, Amanda Zuckerman tweeted that she was alive and that he was “an idiot.” People were contacting her family after the stunt, something she did not appreciate.

It looks like the two are still friends despite Andy Herren’s poor choice. Big Brother fans were up in arms about what they saw, but if Amanda Zuckerman doesn’t care that much, why should they?

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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