Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who won secret Panic Power revealed on live feeds

Big Brother 21 Cast In Pool
The Big Brother 21 cast enjoying some time in the pool for summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 21 spoilers from Friday night include who won the Panic Power. The houseguests played in the final Whacktivity Competition and the winner of the secret power has shared the news with someone else.

Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone, Jessica Milagros, and Christie Murphy played in the third Whacktivity Competition.

As host Julie Chen had hinted, it’s a classic power that has the chance to change the entire game.

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Who won the Panic Power?

Christie Murphy has won the secret Panic Power. She just let Tommy Bracco know about it, which allowed live feed subscribers in on the news. This is a huge deal.

Christie and Tommy are keeping this under wraps, but they already also know that it was Jack Matthews who won the Chaos Power.

Now they know where all three powers reside in the house.

What is the Panic Power?

The Big Brother 21 spoilers reveal that Christie is in possession of the Diamond Power of Veto. She now has the power to save a nominee from the block and replace that person with someone of her choice.

Christie could really change the game with this power, especially if she gets targeted down the road. She hasn’t revealed how long she has to use the power, but it could be for several weeks.

She cannot put the regular Power of Veto winner or the Head of Household on the block, but that still leaves a lot of additional options. It’s a game-changing power.

During the next episode of the show, the specific details about this new power will be explained to the CBS audience.

This is a huge turning point in the game, especially since Christie is already residing in a power position.

Now she has the ultimate weapon that could help her and Tommy make it deep into the summer 2019 season. The Diamond Power of Veto is back!

Big Brother has CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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