Big Brother 21 showmances: Were they Love Island cast-offs?

Big Brother 21 Cast In Pool
The Big Brother 21 cast enjoying some time in the pool for summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 21 showmances continue to dominate the narrative of the show. With Love Island sharing a casting director, it has a lot of fans theorizing that this new BB21 cast may consist of people who didn’t make the cut for the dating show.

Love Island is a dating show that CBS is currently airing five nights a week. It’s almost like a ramped-up version of Big Brother, including evictions, challenges, and a lot of relationship drama.

It stands to reason that there could be some crossover when it comes to contestants interested in participating in the two shows.

The Big Brother 21 showmances

There have already been four showmances during the latest season of the show. Will it end there? Only time will tell.

The showmances have been Jackson Michies and Kathryn Dunn, Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang, and now Jackson and Holly Allen. It’s almost as though the cast is seeking a record this summer.

Ties between Love Island and Big Brother 21

Robyn Kass helps put together the Big Brother casts and also took on that role for Love Island. When CBS was advertising and promoting Love Island, they even had four former Big Brother houseguests help with it.

The link between the shows is there, which has fueled the online speculation that some of the Big Brother 21 cast may have been cast-offs or rejected hopefuls for Love Island.

It would make sense, and it wouldn’t be the first time that shows have worked in this nature.

CBS has the next episode of Big Brother scheduled for July 14, with Love Island airing again on July 15. It’s Episode 9 for Big Brother and Episode 5 for Love Island, with both starting at 8/7c.

Maybe the first person to be removed from the BB21 house after the Camp Comeback Challenge will get a shot on Love Island in Fiji. You never know!

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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