Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who wins the HoH competition in week 6?

JC and Haleigh relax in the Big Brother 20 house
JC and Haleigh hang out before the BB20 live eviction

The week 5 live eviction was a complete shocker with Brett as the target but Rachel walking out the door. Rachel was still in shock when Julie Chen announced that it was time to cut over to the next Head of Household competition. Would Level 6 win it and control the house or would the other side put up a fight out of anger?

With the power up for grabs, Bayleigh wasn’t able to participate in the new competition. The rest of the Big Brother cast lined up to play a new game related to the gifs that were up on the memory wall.

Kaycee was the first BB20 contestant to get eliminated with JC following right behind. Sam got a question wrong about Steve and was the third person eliminated.

With the fourth question, one about Winston, more than half of the remaining houseguests were eliminated. Tyler, Faysal, and  Scottie were eliminated. That left just Angela and Rockstar in the competition for Head of Household.

When it came down to the tiebreaker question, Angela was way closer than Rockstar and neither of them went over. That put Level 6 in control of the house in week 6 which could be a huge problem for everyone else if not for Bayleigh’s power.

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