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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who is the first BB20 HoH?

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who is the first BB20 HoH?
Julie Chen shows off the newly remodeled and very high-tech HoH room

Big Brother 20 starts in mere days and as we count down, the BB20 houseguests are already starting to play the game. As such, someone has to be the first Head of Household and have the luxury of living in the high-tech HoH room before anyone else.

Now some people don’t appreciate spoilers and don’t want to know who won the first HoH competition. If that is you, please stop reading now since the rest of this post will contain Big Brother 20 spoilers and speculation.

If the latest Big Brother 20 spoiler is accurate, then the first HoH is Tyler Crispen, the lifeguard from South Carolina. Tyler is a Big Brother superfan and has clearly watched the competition for much longer than most of his housemates.

When asked in the first interview with Ross Mathews who his favorite players are, he named Victor Arroyo, Dan Gheesling, and Zach Rance. If Tyler has been studying up on those three, then he likely has a plan for this first HoH.

The first huge spoiler of Big Brother 20 comes from a pretty reliable source. They’ve been known to get a few things right and made sure to share news of the very first BB20 HoH on Reddit. See below:

Realvegasforsure shares the first huge Big Brother 20 spoilers
The name of the first BB20 HoH was shared on the Big Brother sub on Reddit

It would be sad if Vegasforsure really decided not to come back and share more Big Brother 20 spoilers. It seems that while he may be done sharing on Reddit, he’s not done sharing in general.

We found him over on Twitter and there’s even more BB20 news coming out. Another update from the BB20 source is that as of now, there are no veterans in the BB20 house at this point. He also shared that no one has been evicted yet.

Tyler Crispen will get all day today and all night to enjoy that HoH room before dealing with the first round of nominations. Those are said to be coming on Sunday.

With Big Brother 20 spoilers indicating that Tyler Crispen is the first HoH of the season, who do you think he will nominate for eviction? Will he target those who might be a threat or will he work on kicking out the weak links first?

Don’t forget that Tyler came into the BB20 house with a plan. It’s not clear if becoming the first HoH of the season was part of it but who wouldn’t want to be the first to sleep in the high-tech HoH room?

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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