Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who got the power and who got the punishment in Week 1

Sam from Big Brother 20
Big Brother 20 has been hard on Sam but finally, she won a game-changing power

Big Brother 20 is underway and currently, the houseguests are scrambling for position as we inch closer to the first live eviction. The HoH is set and so are the first two nominees. One thing that will be revealed to BB20 fans tonight is who won the first power and who got the first punishment. Excuse us while we spoil it for you.

The first BB App Store twist required BB20 viewers to answer a series of questions in order to determine which player was trending the most and which player was trending the least. One of them would receive a power and the other would receive a punishment that could change their gameplay.

The Crap App punishment went to the BB20 houseguest with the least amount of votes. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Faysal won it.

Vegetarian ham as a punishment on Big Brother 20
The least trending player was forced to eat a lot of vegetarian ham

After the Big Brother 20 competitors entered the house, Faysal somehow managed to slip into the background and just lay low for the first HoH comp won by Tyler and the competition that allowed Swaggy C to choose which half of the house was safe.

Faysal is safe so it was probably part of his strategy to just lay low for a while. Unfortunately, that means he had to eat a whole lot of ham. Literally, every time there is a “Hamazon delivery,” Faysal is forced to eat.

At first, there were questions about the odd Big Brother punishment because Faysal is Muslim which means ham and other pork products are forbidden. However, the Hamazon delivery was a vegetarian ham so Faysal is safe to eat it.

When it came to the BB App Store prize, finally Sam’s luck has changed. She was punished after coming in last on the first competition and was forced to be a computer for most of her first week in the Big Brother house.

Sam’s reward is safety, something she desperately needs right now since Tyler already nominated her for eviction. It seems that Sam’s robot was the most entertaining part of Week 1, earning her the most mentions.

The caveat to Sam’s safety prize is that she has to use it in the first four weeks of gameplay. She may be forced to save herself this week if the nominations don’t change but either way, she’s not going home yet.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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