Big Brother 20 spoilers: Sam Bledsoe attempts to quit smoking

Sam in the kitchen in the Big Brother house
Sam is trying to quit smoking in the Big Brother house

Sam Bledsoe has been a wildcard in the Big Brother house. She has been up and down, even threatening to self-evict before one of the live evictions.

Since the beginning of Big Brother 20, Sam has been a smoker. She used to sit in the yard with Steve Arienta during the first week while they both enjoyed their vice. Now, it looks like that could be over.

On the live feeds, Sam was talking about quitting smoking. She also put on a nicotine patch, and admitted to being moody — asking Brett if he was mad at her. But it could end up not being a good time to try to quit smoking right now.

A few days ago, Brett was in the Head of Household room and the intercom happened to be on and it appeared that when he was talking about Sam being crazy, the conversation was audible in the kitchen where she was.

Zingbot gave Brett the worst insult, but since then he has redeemed himself in the eyes of many Big Brother viewers. However, now that he’s called Sam crazy and she potentially heard him, will she go nuts on him or walk on eggshells in his presence?

The fact that Sam is quitting smoking when the pressure is on has caused some mixed reaction on social media. Her behavior has gotten her seen by a doctor, and she has complained about being in the Big Brother house an awful lot.

Week 1 in the house saw Sam as a robot. This definitely messed with her emotions, especially given that she was already feeling isolated. Aligning herself with Tyler has carried her to the final eight, but how much further will she be able to go?

If Sam was feeling the pressure before, she will definitely be feeling it without her cigarettes. Hopefully, she is able to remain strong and not act out in irrational ways while she is learning to kick a bad habit.

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