Big Brother 20 spoilers: Did Swaggy C go home in week 2? Who is the new HoH?

Swaggy C by the pool on Big Brother 20
Swaggy C tried to rally the votes before the live eviction on Big Brother 20

The showmance or the bromance, which one will be broken up tonight on Big Brother 20? With Kaitlyn Herman as HoH this week, BB20 has been a total rollercoaster but it looks like plans to pull off the season’s first backdoor might actually be successful.

Tyler Crispen is safe this week and can continue holding on to that Cloud app until it’s time to sit on it. Sam still has her power too and likely will hold on to that whether Swaggy or Winston gets voted out.

After making the decision to put Swaggy up as a replacement nomination after Tyler took Scottie down, Kaitlyn got scared and started to worry about her game. It certainly didn’t help things that Faysal freaked out over the thought of the only guy he confides in getting the boot from the Big Brother 20 house.

It’s worth noting that Swaggy C wasn’t about to let them backdoor him without trying to swing the votes in his favor. With Bayleigh and Faysal on Swaggy’s side, the group started counting votes.

When it came time to plead with the house to keep them, Swaggy C gave an epic speech where he continued to toot his own horn. Winston followed that up with an admission that he can’t even compete with a speech like that.

Even with such a persuasive argument about helping to keep his allies safe, it looks like the Level 6 alliance stayed on track with their plan to get Swaggy out.

Baleigh, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal voted to evict Winston. Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela, Rachel and Sam voted to evict Swaggy C.

The plan to backdoor Swaggy C was successful and he will be leaving the Big Brother house.

Week 3 HoH

As outgoing Head of Household, Kaitlyn couldn’t compete in the competition to crown a week 3 winner.

The competition, called Pineapple, Inc. tested the memories of the BB20 house guests. They were shown a video and then asked a host of questions about it afterward.

Kaycee managed to get the first question wrong and was the first houseguest eliminated. Bayleigh, Tyler, Haleigh, Winston, Brett, and Angela missed the second question, drastically reducing the HoH possibilities.

Sam soon followed, missing a question about the price of a “Cryphone” before another product video was shown.

Rockstar was eliminated after failing to notice a watch worn by the CEO. Faysal missed the next question leaving just Scottie and Rachel to battle it out.

After massively over-guessing the final question, Rachel was eliminated. That left Scottie as the week 3 HoH after flipping on Swaggy C and helping to vote him out while wearing one of his t-shirts.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7 and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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