Big Brother 20 rumors: Alex Ow speaks out about reports that she has been sequestered

Is Alex Ow on Big Brother 20?
Alex Ow was rumored to be joining the Big Brother 20 cast — Pic credit: Alex Ow/Instagram

Before the Big Brother 20 cast was revealed, some shocking BB20 rumors claimed that many former players were sequestered as they got ready to enter the competition. Alex Ow was among those named but now we’re questioning whether or not any of those rumors are true.

Just one day after the initial report was posted about the allegedly sequestered Big Brother alums, Alex posted on Instagram. Now that alone could just be a decoy to throw people off from a Big Brother 20 twist so we took it with a grain of salt.

Now, Alex Ow is speaking out about her alleged Big Brother 20 casting. In another Instagram post, she wrote, “The only #game I’m playing is #football ???? #WhereIsAlex ? #BB ? jk or am I? ? #FlyEaglesFly.”

It’s pretty safe to say that Alex Ow won’t be joining the Big Brother 20 cast when the CBS hit returns on June 27. So what about the other six alums that were named as possible contestants?

Ian Terry continues to tweet pictures that don’t include any part of his own anatomy. Just check out his latest tweet about playing backgammon from yesterday. Where are you, Ian?

Of course, that didn’t stop him from also posting about the rumors that he was returning for Big Brother 20 and laughing about them. We’re still trying to figure out what is funny. Players have been returning to the show for years despite outcry from Big Brother fans, who just want to see a newcast.

Either way, it’s safe to count Ian out. He’s still tweeting so unless he has arranged for someone to tweet on his behalf, he’s not going to join the cast this season.

Paul Abrahamian’s last tweet remains the birthday tweet from June 13. That has many believing that he will be making another appearance on Big Brother for the third year in a row. Does anyone actually want Paul back for a third try?

Whatever the case may be, Big Brother fans still haven’t given up on the idea that veterans will be returning to compete on Big Brother 20. Being that this is the 20th season of the show and is supposed to be special, many believe that there will be four returning veterans in order to bring the total number of cast members to 20.

That is not confirmed, which is why we’re calling it a rumor but would it really be surprising? If Big Brother 20 ends up bringing back old cast members, who would you want to see show up? Who is the last Big Brother veteran that you want to see in the BB House ever again?

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 


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