Big Brother 20 recap: It’s great to be king, or is it?

Tyler Crispen in the Big Brother 20 house
Tyler Crispin learns the hard way that sometimes, it’s not easy being the winner on Big Brother 20

The Big Brother 20 two-part premiere continues on Thursday night and finally, we have some drama in the BB house! Swaggy C won the first power and used it to further his own game but those who aren’t safe also are not very happy.

It was Angela who was the most upset with Swaggy C. Previously he had promised her safety but opted to save the first eight houseguests to enter the BB20 house instead. After some thought, Angela forgave Swaggy but that certainly doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten.

Kaitlyn was also thrust into the bottom eight and she was not happy about it. She held a meditation group to help some of her roommates to relax and destress. Though he was skeptical at first, Swaggy stepped up to meditate and though he was looking to make friends, it turns out that he enjoyed the meditation session.

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The first HoH competition

As the first alliance began to form, Swaggy announced the first Head of Household competition. Only eight houseguests will be competing due to the special power that he won and already used to save the other half of the cast.

Those competing for HoH and safety the first week are Steve, Winston, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Sam, Bayleigh, Rachel, and JC. The competition forces the remaining eight to walk across a balance beam over and over while transporting small silver balls, one at a time and depositing them on the other side.

Sam feels targeted by everyone else when they start loading up her tube with “deletion dots” that are meant to eliminate another player. She was the first person eliminated, putting her at the bottom of the group yet again.

Steve Arienta, the former cop, clearly doesn’t pose a threat to anyone in this game as he keeps falling off the balance beam. He also was quickly eliminated.

Winston goes out next after JC dropped the last deletion dot in his tube, filling it up. At that point, it becomes clear that Tyler and Bayleigh are working together. They tag teamed in order to put Angela out.

Even though Bayleigh was upset with Tyler for breaking their alliance to put a dot in her tube, she dropped the last deletion dot on JC, putting him out of the game. From there, it was Tyler versus Bayleigh with Tyler pulling off the first HoH win just as we previously reported.

A whole bunch of hurt feelings

Being that Sam was the first BB20 houseguest to be targeted during the HoH competition, she gets her feelings hurt. She’s seen crying in the Big Brother house because she felt like she was being “shunned.”

Sam is still stuck inside the robot most of the time, something she seems to be getting used to. Honestly, Sam as a robot is kind of fun even though she isn’t enjoying the punishment.

There was also tension between Tyler and Bayleigh after they worked together to win him the HoH. Bayleigh was upset with Tyler for dropping a deletion dot on her instead of JC.

Even though he explained why there was still clearly some hurt feelings. With Tyler as the Head of Household, Bayleigh needs to watch her back. Even Tyler said he was keeping his eye on her.

Alliances are forming

With Tyler in the HoH room, a supergroup is starting to form with six of the houseguests. Tyler is one of them along with Winston, Rachel, Kaycee, Angela, and Brett. They clearly have the brawn to pull off many physical competitions but do they have the brains?

There also seems to be something brewing after the meditation session that involves Kaitlyn, Swaggy C, Rockstar, and Bayleigh.

When Rockstar heads to the HoH room to talk strategy with Tyler, she may have put a target on her own back. Then, to make matters even worse for their budding alliance, Swaggy C shows up and he’s already in on the plan. The problem is, Tyler is on to him and he’s not impressed.

Nominations are in

Tyler has the very hard task of nominating the first two Big Brother 20 houseguests to go up on the block. He wanted to be HoH but he really doesn’t want to get blood on his hands.

During the first BB20 nomination speech, Tyler made it clear that he wasn’t really looking to target anyone or to make any enemies. Instead, he chose his nominations based on who lost during the first competition.

Since Sam lost the comp, she was nominated to be put on the block even though earlier Tyler had told her that he wasn’t coming for her. That made Sam question Tyler’s intentions even more.

As for Steve, he was ready to get even after learning that he was one of the first BB20 competitors to be put up on the block. He made it clear that he intends to make whatever deals it takes to make sure he doesn’t go home first. Of course, he could just win the PoV competition and take himself off the block.

Immediately, Swaggy took aim at Tyler in the confessional for his “weak” nominations. Rather than trying to get any of the stronger players out of the house, Tyler opted to target the weak ones who came in last during the competition. It may not be the best strategy but right now it looks like Tyler is trying to work out an alliance with some of the strongest players so getting them out will have to wait for later.

Big Brother airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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