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Big Brother 15 winner tells fans All-Stars is coming, creates chaos

Andy On BB15
Andy Herren on Big Brother 15 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren is having a lot of fun with fans on social media. Recently, he posted a confirmation that an All-Stars season of the show is coming this winter. But was it an elaborate joke?

As we previously reported, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves has been posting photos on social media of herself dressed up as former houseguests. That includes people like Paul Abrahamian, Johnny Mac, and Mike Boogie.

Following a series of those photos getting posted to Twitter last week, Andy Herren decided to make his own Twitter post. Shared below, his two-sentence post really got social media buzzing.

A lot of people commented, liked, and/or shared his post. It convinced a lot of fans that a winter season of All-Stars was indeed about to take place and that Andy had some inside information about the situation. He seemed to be enjoying every minute of it, participating in the thread and posting an update to his page the next day.

The post below is one that Andy used as a follow-up to his original statement.

There are quite a few ways to look at this situation. Andy might be telling the complete truth, Andy might have made up everything he put in the post, or there could be a partial truth to what he is sharing online.

Looking at this from the outside, if there is a new season of Big Brother: All-Stars, Andy Herren is someone who needs to be brought back. He found a way to win a really odd season during Big Brother 15 and he had some strategies that could be interesting to see inside the house again. Maybe he knows that. Maybe that’s why he is insinuating that he wouldn’t be invited back.

Below is a video of the BB15 jury asking questions of Andy Herren and GinaMarie Zimmerman to decide who should win the $500,000 prize during their season.

One thing that Andy touched on is completely true in the entire situation. If host Julie Chen Moonves is just teasing fans by dressing up as former houseguests, it could lead to a lot of disappointed people. Fans are craving a new season of the show, especially with so many frustrations stemming from the Big Brother 21 cast.

We will all just have to wait and see what comes next, but some good advice for fans and social media users is to take anything that a former houseguest says online with a big grain of salt. Maybe two.

Big Brother should return during summer 2020 with new episodes on CBS.

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