Bethenny Frankel’s ‘straight or gay’ gaffe on Million Dollar Listing New York

Bethenny Frankel talking as the developer walks up behind her on Million Dollar Listing New York
Bethenny makes her comment with the developer behind her on Million Dollar Listing New York

Bethenny Frankel makes an embarrassing gaffe as she’s shown around a $16.5million property on tonight’s Million Dollar Listing New York — when she asks if the developer is “straight or gay” without realizing he’s right behind her.

The Real Housewives of New York City star scouts out the SoHo listing after one of real-estate king Fredrik Eklund’s buyers stops pursuing it, and she’s at the top of his contact list.

But while being shown around she asks Fredrik: “I have one question…the developer who built this, was he straight or gay?”

She makes the comment just as the developer walks in the room behind and and Eklund, who can see the developer approaching, grimaces and gives an awkard pause before saying: “Er…he’s right there.”

A flustered Bethenny then turns to greet him, saying: “Oh, hi! How are you? Nice to meet you!”

She then stumbles to find words saying: “Wait…it…I just was…nah…oh my God…you didn’t tell me he was here!”

She quickly tries to dig herself out of a hole and tells the developer about the listing: “It’s amazing. Beautiful, beautiful work. Really awesome.”

Ekland says in a confessional: “I’ve never seen Bethenny flustered ever before. This is hilarious.”

Afterwards she pulls up Ekland for not telling her the developer was dropping by, with Eklund saying he often arrives unexpectedly.

Bethenny says: “You’ve got to tell me! What if I like say bad things, which I didn’t because this place is amazing.”

She then shouts out as if so the developer could hear: “THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! IT MUST HAVE BEEN A GENIUS THAT BUILT IT!”

Million Dollar Listing New York airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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