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The best Digimon Adventure episodes of all time

A still from Digimon Adventure episode Wizardmon's Gift
A still from Wizardmon’s Gift, which easily makes our list of the best Digimon Adventure episodes

Digimon is a popular TV show from Japan which started in 1998. The following year it arrived in the United States and became a popular TV show amongst younger audiences, like Pokemon.

Centering around the prophesied “DigiDestined” — a group of children who are sucked into the Digital World in order to defeat the darkness that is taking its way over.

This original TV show teaches lessons about friendship, courage and love, while also focusing on awesome fight scenes and evolutions.

If you’re looking for a list of must-see episodes for this anime, then look no further!

1 The Legend of the DigiDestined

Still from The Legend of the DigiDestined
The Legend of the DigiDestined: Can the kids defeat Devimon?

The group of DigiDestined have been fighting through the Digiworld in order to confront the evil Digimon, Devimon.

Devimon has been creating evil Digimon by sending out black gears that infect good Digimon.

When the children reach the top of Infinity Mountain, they discover Devimon has been waiting for them.

Even though all the capable Digimon evolve, they are still no match for Devimon. It isn’t until T.K.’s Patamon evolves into Angemon that Devimon is able to be defeated.

This episode is so important because it first introduced the prophecy of the DigiDestined.

2 The Fate of Two Worlds

Still from The Fate of Two Worlds
The Fate of Two Worlds, the final episode of Digimon Adventure

This episode is near the top of our list because it is the final episode.

The Digimon have defeated the final villain Digimon, with the help of their crests and friendship that powers them.

Afterward, they are informed that the gate to the real world will close in two hours — forever.

This episode is one that jerks on the heart strings, because it is full of goodbyes.

The children hint that this won’t be the last time they see them, and they load up in a trolley to leave the Digital World. Mission accomplished.

3 The Eighth Child Revealed

Still from Digimon Adventure episode The Eighth Child Revealed
Kari and Gatomon in The Eighth Child Revealed

At this point in the story, we know there are eight DigiDestined children, but we only know the identity of seven.

That is where this episode comes in.

It finally confirms a long asked question about who will help the children right off the evil shadows in the DigiWorld.

We discover the eighth child is Kari — Tai’s younger sister — and that Gatomon is her destined partner.

However they get separated when looking for Kari’s crest and Gatomon is captured by the evil Myotismon.

Half the season leads up to this revelation and the suspense that was built earned this No.3 spot!

4 My Sister’s Keeper

Still from My Sister’s Keeper
My Sister’s Keeper, where we see a weak side to Kai for the first time

This episode is one of character growth. Throughout the series we are normally presented with courageous Tai, the always-charging-forward leader.

Except this time his younger sister Kari is sick, and he is petrified by a past memory where his selfish actions almost caused her to die of an illness.

For the first time we see Tai as weak and doubtful, leading him to make the wrong decisions while searching for medicine.

This kind of character development is lacking in many TV shows, and is what makes this one special.

5 Home Away From Home

Still from Home Away From Home
Tai with Koromon in Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home is another episode that centers on character growth and development. Tai and Koromon are sent back to the real world and end up in Tai’s hometown.

After getting home, he realizes that though weeks have passed in the Digital World, it is still the same day he left for camp in the real world. Weird.

From there he discovers that freak weather phenomenons have been happening across the globe, along with Digimon sitings.

Despite being warned not to come back, Tai and Agumon find a way back to the Digital World, desperate to save his friends.

6 Wizardmon’s Gift

Still from Wizardmon’s Gift
Angewomon as she fights Myotismon in Wizardmon’s Gift

Kari is captured by Myotismon and the rest of the DigiDestined manage to unite together for the first time in weeks, in order to save her.

Even after all the Digimon have Digivolved, they are still not enough to hurt Myotismon.

After being frustrated, Myotismon channels his power into a beam of light and hurls in toward Kari and Gatomon.

Wizardmon is destined to protect her and jumps in front of the blast, saving them both.

Gatomon then Digivolves into Angewomon and is able to defeat Myotismon. Before they are able to celebrate, they realize Myotismon’s fog is still covering the city.

7 Piedmon’s Last Jest

Still from Piedmon’s Last Jest
Evil Digimon Piedmon and his army in Piedmon’s Last Jest

The gang of Digidestined is going against one of the toughest villains yet, Piedmon.

He is an evil Digimon who likes to turn his enemies into keychains. Even though the children have MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon on their side, they are unable to prevent themselves from being transformed!

Then only T.K., Patamon and Kari are left, desperately trying to flee from Piedmon.

Finally T.K. finds the courage he was looking for and Angemon Digivolves into MagnaAngemon, who is able to save the children and defeat Piedmon, hurling him and his army into the Gate of Destiny.

9 WereGarurumon’s Diner

Still from WereGarurumon’s Diner
Matt finds a beaten-down Joe in WereGarurumon’s Diner

Matt manages to find Joe in a restaurant, desperately working to pay off his tab from weeks ago. Matt ends up joining him, not realizing it is all a scheme by DemiDevimon and Vegiemon.

When Matt makes to leave the restaurant in search of his younger brother, DemiDevimon blackmails Matt into staying by threatening to hurt Joe.

Thankfully, Tai and T.K. find the diner and are able to help Matt and Joe defeat the evil Digimon and crew.

This episode makes our list for the great character development between Matt and Joe.

9 The Earthquake of MetalGreymon

Still from The Earthquake of MetalGreymon
Etamon in The Earthquake of MetalGreymon

This episode opens up with the team trying to rescue Sora from the clutches of Datamon.

Tai is upset with himself about his mistake, and is determined to be the one to rescue Sora.

Etamon is determined to make a replica of Sora in order to try and control her Digimon, and is successful!

However, thanks to a little planning and a lot of effort, Tai manages to get to the secret room where they are keeping Sora and rescues her.

Datamon and Etamon are defeated, resurrected, and then defeated again in this episode.

This episode introduces MetalGreymon in a kick-ass fight scene.

10 The Ultimate Clash

Still from Digimon Adventure episode The Ultimate Clash
Tai punches Matt in The Ultimate Clash

This episode is all about conflict and relationship strains. Our heroes are near the end of their journey and their sanity is beginning to fray.

Kari is taken over by a mysterious entity and begins to tell the story of the DigiDestined years before our heroes entered the storyline.

They learn about Piedmon trying to steal the Digimon as eggs, but failed when they were rescued and sent to the island where the DigiDestined found them.

This episode is so important because it gives the vital background information that the viewers have been searching for all season.

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