Batwoman: People aren’t always what they seem in intriguing new trailer

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane in Batwoman
An intriguing new trailer has Batwoman’s alter-ego Kate Kane observing than people aren’t always what they seem. Pic credit: The CW

The CW has posted a brief new trailer promoting its upcoming fall series Batwoman in which the hero’s alter-ego Kate Kane waxes philosophical about stories and the people who tell them not always being what they seem.

The intriguing new trailer is a bit of a departure from the clips that were previously released to promote the new Arrowverse series.

Past trailers featured fairly concrete scenarios with characters speaking to each other in dialogue.

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In the latest trailer, Kate is alone and walking towards a hole in a concrete wall.  A voice over accompanies her progress.

She then peers through what turns out to be a bat-shaped hole in the wall.


The whole thing is much more puzzling than previous trailers, but that’s also what makes it more interesting.

It leaves a lot of open questions that the show may or may not answer: Who isn’t what they seem? Kane’s cousin Bruce Wayne? The citizens of Gotham? Kane herself? And where is she? Also, who left s a bat-shaped hole in a wall?

We still have a couple months before Batwoman premieres on October 6, which means we’ll likely see several more Batwoman trailers between then and now.

Perhaps they’ll continue to offer us clues as to what exactly Kane is talking about in this clip.

Batwoman airs on Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. The series premieres on October 6.

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