Basketball Wives LA: Shaunie does not care what Brandi thinks of her

Basketball Wives LA
On Basketball Wives LA, Shaunie and Brandi agree to meet but it does not go that well

On tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives LA, Angel’s launch party continues as Shaunie and Brandi try and clear the air.

The pair meet up with some of the other girls to try and bury the hatchet, but it does not go well.

Brandi says some of the other women told her to apologise to Shaunie, but she says: “I’m confused, because we’ve already talked.”

Shaunie replies: “Well, from my understanding you had some issues with some interviews that I supposedly did.”

Brandi explains it was one from back in December when Shaunie said she had called her like “a million times” about a job.

They then get into a petty argument about how many times…with Shaunie in a separate piece to camera saying “when people say a million times, they don’t literally mean a million times.”

Brandi tells her straight: “If you want me to respect you, you have to respct me.”

But Shaunie is not in a reconciling mood and says flatly: “To be honest I don’t really care how you feel about me personally.”

By the end Brandi looks pretty upset.

Catch Basketball Wives LA tonight 8PM on VH1.

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