Basketball moms face off in raucous new series Bringing Up Ballers

Talented Nimari, 14, spins a ball on his finger in footage from Bringing Up Ballers
Talented Nimari, 14, spins a ball on his finger in footage from Bringing Up Ballers

Lifetime is no stranger to series were moms become the focus of attention — think Dance Moms, for instance, which could soon be Abby Lee Miller-less.

Now the network is upping the ante with a whole new set of mothers who want nothing more than for their children to be successful, and will make it happen whatever the costs, in Bringing Up Ballers.

But this time the kids in question aren’t dainty little dancers but potential future NBA stars.

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A career in basketball could lead to a huge windfall for these moms, with stars getting paid millions of dollars through salaries and advertising deals.

So things regularly get fierce in the new series, with things kicking off whenever the moms get a hint of their glittery futures being threatened in any way.

Bringing Up Ballers follows five moms in the Chicago area who have two things in common — they are all entrepreneurs and they all have sons who have the potential to make it big shooting hoops.

The moms and sons involved are Heather and Aaron Jr — whose dad Aaron Williams was an NBA player for 15 years — Johanna and Amari, Nikki and Nimari, Peytyn and George, and Tiffany and Michael.

Due to the potential rewards, parents are getting their kids involved in basketball at increasingly young ages, and push them to the hilt to succeed.

But where there’s money at stake, there’s always fierce rivalry, with plenty of drama in store as the season gets under way.

In the season premiere George is choosing a college and his mom Peytyn is desperate to make him pick one close to home.

Meanwhile a feud starts from the get-go between Nikki and Johanna surrounding pictures which emerge online, and Peytyn lets on that she is more than familiar with Heather’s ex-husband.

Watch a preview for Bringing Up Ballers below, and tune in to watch as the drama unfolds…

Bringing Up Ballers airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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