Bad dates and tongue-heavy technique on Love At First Kiss

Love At First Kiss
Shondo gives Amanda the ‘Whirly Dirly’ on Love At First Kiss

Tonight on Love at First Kiss it’s a terrible date for Suzie and one guy is keen to show off his tongue technique.

Pro MMA fighter, Shondo is a big fan of the whirly dirly kissing technique and reckons it’s been working for him since 3rd grade.

He soon gets a chance to prove his point and it seems he might be on to something.

As he puts it: “Women are the best thing that happened to the face of the planet, besides sports…I guess.”

Meantime, Zach does not have anything good to say about Suzie and says he’s bored of being in the shallow end.

Suzie is shocked and says it’s never happened to her before.

Catch Love At First Kiss – The Whirly Dirly Kiss tonight at 10PM in TLC.

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