Backyard Goldmine series premiere tonight

Backyard Goldmine
Backyard Goldmine airs on Thursdays 10 PM on DIY

Backyard Goldmine is a new series from DIY and premieres tonight with an episode called ‘Burlington Rental Barn Rehab.’

The series stars Ben Sargent as a man determined to transform stranger’s old barns and ramshackle sheds into rental properties.

Once Ben has finished with these building, they don’t just look good they also generate income for their owners.

In this first episode of the series Ben heads to Burlington, Vermont and tackles a barn owned by the Brandt family.

Rob coaches tennis and Maea is an artist and the couple have two young children. They have carriage barn that is 100 years old and they want Rob to covnert it into a play space/rustic rental.

Watch Backyard Goldmine at 10 PM on DIY.

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