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AZN races orange McLaren on Street Outlaws as Big Chief and Shawn eye top of list

The orange McLaren on Street Outlaws
The orange McLaren MP4-12C which AZN races on Street Outlaws

AZN races an eye doctor in an orange McLaren MP4-12C on this week’s Street Outlaws — while Big Chief and Murder Nova are cooking up a plan to try and get to the top of the list.

The race between AZN and the McLaren takes place after being set up by Farmtruck.

Meanwhile, Chuck and his car are looking hard to beat this season, and he isn’t being quiet about it.

He’s been at the top for several episodes now after taking the top spot from Daddy Dave in the second episode.

Watch the footage below as he evidently feels his car is superior, saying of his build: “This No1 car is perfect.”

But with Big Chief finally making his way back on to the list, he and Shawn are determined to make their way up it as quickly as possible.

A picture of Shawn from Street Outlaws
Shawn talks to Big Chief about their plan to get to the top spot on Street Outlaws

But they’re going to need tactics if they’re going to stand a chance of claiming the top of the list for their garage.

Watch the footage below as the pair hatch a plan on how they’re going to get to the top.

And once they get there Shawn knows that he’ll be able to take Chuck if he doesn’t have at least a car and a half’s length by the time they get to the 60ft marker.

Also on this week’s Street Outlaws, Doc looks like he’s finally fixed his motor for race night.

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Street Outlaws.

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