Atlanta Season 3 delayed — When will new season start on FX?

Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry and LaKeith Stanfield post for the Atlanta promo poster with peaches in their mouths.
Fans of Atlanta on FX are ready for Season 3 but when will it premiere? Pic credit: FX

There is good news and bad news about the upcoming Season 3 of Atlanta on FX. The good news is that the series is coming back and will be as amazing as ever.

The bad news is that fans of the Donald Glover series will still have to wait quite some time before it begins airing.

FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed the return of the hit series at the 2019 TCA Winter Tour on Monday, telling those in attendance that he was hoping Atlanta would be ready and airing in time for 2019 Emmy Award consideration.

However, in order to be eligible, Atlanta would have to premiere by May 31 and have the bulk of its Season 3 episodes aired before the nominations deadline on June 24.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen as the writers for the FX series have just come back together and filming has been postponed due to Donald Glover’s busy schedule and some issues in his personal life.

“If you want to see me cry, you can come backstage and tweet it out,” Landgraf said when John Solberg, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at FX Networks, confirmed that Atlanta will not be in this year’s Emmy cycle.

“As you might imagine, Donald Glover is sort of the king of all media, and he just has had an incredibly complicated life. He’s had personal things he’s had to deal with, from injuries to other things I’d rather not say publicly that just have to do with not just with his personal life but his extended family,” Landgraf said in regard to the Atlanta delay.

“So I think one of the things that is just a reality of television today is you have to wait. We have so many things now that don’t cycle back on a regular basis…

From my standpoint, I wish for the fans as well as for us that we could get everything back on an annual basis but, again, you just have to make a decision about quantity over quality at a certain point — and we’re just erring on the side of quality.

John Landgraf, FX CEO

So when can we expect Season 3 of Atlanta to premiere?

With writers now working on the Season 3 script and filming not begun yet, it looks like Atlanta will likely be getting a fall premiere. Especially since it has already been confirmed that the Emmy deadline in May will be missed.

This puts the likely premiere date back in line with Season 1, which debuted on September 6, 2016, as opposed to Season 2, which also was delayed and premiered March 1, 2018.

While it’s disappointing that Atlanta viewers will have to wait just a little bit longer for Season 3, knowing that the team behind the series is wanting to make sure its worthy of even more awards is making us look forward to it even more.

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