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Ashley Borders finds out husband Dennis ‘not her soulmate’ on Southern Charm Savannah

Ashley looking wide-eyed on Southern Charm Savannah
Ashley’s face as she hears the news about her husband on Southern Charm Savannah

Southern Charm Savannah star Ashley Borders gets some potentially life-changing news on this week’s episode — that her husband Dennis is not her soulmate.

The pair were high-school sweethearts and have daughter Izzi together, but Ashley has spoken about their marriage lacking romance and how the couple are together for their daughter’s sake.

And tonight Ashley finds out the revelation about him not being her soulmate after getting her palm read.

She says: “The only other thing that I have a hard time understanding, and struggling with is…my husband, he was my high-school sweetheart…”

The palm-reader then instantly interrupts her and tells her point blank: “It’s in your eyes, he is not your soulmate.”

She adds: “Your soulmate hasn’t come yet. You won’t meet your soulmate, because you’re blocking him from coming.”

Also on this week’s Southern Charm Savannah, Happy asks her mom to support her marriage, and comes up against some surprise opposition while trying to launch a dress line.

Menwhile, Ashley hears a gossip-worthy rumor about Lyle Mackenzie and Catherine Cooper, and Catherine hosts a stormy party just as a hurricane bears down on Savannah…

Southern Charm Savannah airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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