Are You The One? drama as Taylor refuses to leave Andre saying ‘I love him!’

Taylor on Are You the One?
Taylor on this week’s Are You The One? as she points at Andre and says ‘I love this kid’

Tensions reach new heights on MTV’s Are You The One? this week — when no-match couple Taylor Selfridge and Andre Siemers refuse to separate.

Taylor professes her undying love for Andre as she stands up in front of the group, and puts forward her argument as to why she won’t split — saying: “I’m not in it for the money!”

She tells them: “I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I honestly didn’t want to do this at all. Um, I haven’t told somebody that I loved them in almost four years and I’m telling you right now I love this kid.”

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Andre, who’s sitting watching, responds by whispering “I love you too” at Taylor.

She then adds: “I’m not here for money, you guys can think what you want — I don’t give a s***.”

But it’s a thorn in the side of the other housemates. Osvaldo says: “”We have done everything we possibly can to get these ‘no-matches’ to separate.

“Andre and Taylor are hurting other people that could possibly be their perfect matches.”

Also on this week’s Are You The One?, Hayden and Carolina take things to the next level leaving Gianna broken-hearted, while the girls’ exes fail to live up to expectations.

Are You the One? airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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