Are Anthony and Erin headed towards romance? Blue Bloods fans believe last night’s show dropped a hint

Blue Bloods: Erin and Anthony
Erin and Anthony: Fans are speculating about the future of their relationship on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

On last night’s episode of Blue Bloods titled Bones to Pick, Anthony ignored Erin’s instructions not to stalk a criminal and in the end, gave Erin a big fright when he nearly got himself killed. Erin’s reaction when she learned that Anthony was shot has sparked speculation that they are headed for a romantic relationship.

Anthony was furious when a burglar was released without posting bail. Erin said there was nothing they could do about it due to new state legislation that required police to release certain categories of criminals without bail.

The burglar taunted Anthony after he was released and the two nearly came to blows, but Erin intervened.

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Anthony later tailed the criminal and caught him in the act. The criminal broke into a car. Anthony confronted and arrested him. But Erin was not impressed with Anthony’s heroics.

She told him that he only caught the burglar in a crime of attempted grand larceny, which was a misdemeanor. This meant that he would be released again without bail.

Erin told Anthony that he was only wasting the department’s limited resources by stalking the burglar and that if he did it again, she wouldn’t approve him for overtime pay.

She told him that stalking the criminal was not in the spirit of the law and that it was a violation of the department’s principles. She insisted that even if he disagreed with the law he still needed to respect it. She then forbade him to follow him again.

But Anthony disobeyed Erin and once again stalked the criminal. This time he caught him just after he broke into a house. The criminal tried to escape, but Anthony pursued him and caught up with him.

The criminal drew a gun and fired at Anthony. Hit in the chest, Anthony reeled back and fell down a flight of stairs.

However, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and it saved his life.

Erin got a big fright when she learned that Anthony had been shot. She rushed to the hospital fearing the worst. She was relieved when she found him lying in bed, looking okay. However, she was angry that he needlessly risked his life and she hit him a couple of times.

The shooting scene also gave many fans a big fright. Many viewers believed at first that Anthony was dead or severely wounded.

Fans began searching online for information about whether Anthony was leaving the show. However, everyone was later relieved to learn that he was wearing a vest that saved his life.

But some viewers took a cynical view of the moment that the middle-aged Anthony chased the much younger and fitter burglar through dark alleys alone in the night and finally stopped him.

However, most viewers agreed that the incident revealed how much Erin cares about Anthony, and fans are already speculating on social media about the future of their relationship.

Many Blue Bloods fans believe that last’s night’s show dropped a strong hint that Anthony and Erin are headed for a romantic relationship.

Blue Bloods airs on CBS on Fridays at 10/9c.

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