Anna, Elsa and Olaf back for amazing adventures in LEGO Frozen Northern Lights

LEGO frozen
Sister power in LEGO Frozen Northern Lights as they head north

LEGO Frozen Northern Lights is a four-part series that continues the adventures of Anna, Alsa, Kristoff and Olaf from Disney’s huge hit Frozen.

All the popular characters from Frozen are back as Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff try to bring the magic of the Northern Lights back to life before they are gone forever.

That's one way to stay warm
That’s one way to stay warm

They can’t bring the lights to them so they have to head north and find the lights for themselves.

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A sister-sister adventure where they will face the terrible cold, avalanches and all manner of challenges.

Can they save the magical and beautiful Northern Lights?
Can they save the magical and beautiful Northern Lights?

With Olaf and Kristoff to help them they are sure to do well…though quite who will be rescuing who is another matter!

Bringing together LEGO’s great sense of humor with Disney’s brilliant characters makes for a really fresh adventure that will appeal to fans of both LEGO’s other animations and Frozen.

There is also a series of books to accompany the series and be sure to check our our Frozen facts.

Watch LEGO Disney Frozen: Northern Light at 8:00 PM on Disney Channel.

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