Angela Rummans: Who is the Big Brother 20 houseguest?

Angela Rummans on Big Brother 20
Angela Rummans in her official Big Brother 20 cast photo — Pic credit: CB

Angela Rummans is one of the 16 houseguests chosen to compete to win Big Brother 20. Things may get complicated with there also being an Angie in the house. Angela and Angie could make for an interesting summer.

There are some advantages Angela Rummans has very early in the beginning. She is an athlete who participated in several track and field events, including the pole vault. Aside from that, Rummans is a fitness model and has an amazingly fit body.

The initial assessment of Angela Rummans isn’t awesome. She compared herself to Rachel Reilly, which was rather odd. It appears as though she does know the game fairly well, which could help her moving forward.

Finishing in the middle of the pack is where we have Angela Rummans pegged. She is athletic enough to be able to win competitions, but she may earn a target on her back earlier than she thinks. The other houseguests aren’t overly athletic, even the men. Her biggest competition right now is likely Kaycee Clark, the female football player.

Good looks have been beneficial in previous seasons and if Angela Rummans finds a guy to cozy up to, she may be safe for longer than anticipated. She could surprise everyone and end up finishing in the final three, especially when you expect the unexpected.

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. on CBS. 

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