Ancient Aliens Recap: Shiva, the Great Flood and atomic power

Ancient Aliens and Shiva
Ancient Aliens examines whether Shiva the destroyer and creator might have been an alien

The most recent episode of Ancient Aliens asks was Hindu god Shiva actually an alien leader?

To many Hindus, Shiva is a god who came down amongst the people and was a force both for incredible good but also for destruction.

1.3 billion people live in India and 80 percent follow Hinduism, the oldest surviving religion, which dates back to at least 2000 BC.

Ancient Astronaut theorists on the show point out that Hindu gods tend to have much more tangible material presence that many Western religions. With their gods having said to have been on Earth and also to have used a lot of seemingly advanced technologies, as compared with divine powers.

Could these encounters with strange beings using technology have actually been describing encounters not with the divine but rather the extraterrestrial?

Floating thrones some report seeing beneath the temple of Kailasa
Floating thrones some report seeing beneath the temple of Kailasa

The Hindu epic text Mahabharata loaded loaded with apparent examples from flying vehicles to voice activated weapons and even events  that sound  a lot like nuclear detonations.

They also talk about the day the Earth was surrounded by gigantic cities and small vehicles were said to have come down from them, bearing teachers.

Lord Shiva, the great god is often shown holding a drum with which he said to have created the universe, a snake draped around his neck and a trident type weapon in his other hand.

He also has a third eye, that when opened destroys all that it sees. This is atypical of a third eye in other myths, where it usually gives insight. Ancient Alien theorists also point out that Shiva is often shown surrounded by a circle of flames. Could this be him inside a fiery craft? It chimes with many other fiery chariot myths with the likes of Oden and Zeus.

Shiva is also said by many to have arrived before modern humans, before the Great Flood.

The great flood
A great flood myth is present in many cultures, could it have root in real history?

The Synchronicity Key Author David Wilcock tells us: “Every culture around the world that has any type of ancient writing or documents or even oral traditions – they always talk about some kind of great flood that had a massive catastrophc affect. It uterly wiped out much of life on Earth in a single day.

“What I find iteresting about this is Shiva is the god of destruction…is there a connection there.”

Could this flood have been aliens clearing the way for modern humans to thrive?

Kailasa temple, Ellora
Kailasa temple is one of several structures but is remarkable for being carved straight from the rock

Ancient Astronaut theorists say that some clues lie at the ancient temple of Kailasa, Ellora. The area features 34 sites extending over a mile and is thought to date around 600-1000 AD.

It is estimated the three story temple to Shiva involved the removal of 400,000 tonnes of rock, said by mainstream archeologists to have been completed in just 18 years.

Other theories say this would have been impossible, involving an work rate that would be tricky even today. They also point to the lack of any spoil heaps or use of the excavated rock in other buildings. Where did it all go?

The answer they say may be in a device ancient scripts mention,  said to be able to turn rock into air. Could this have been used to construct the temple?

There are also many tunnels running off at angles, most of them sealed up by authorities. Some speculate they go to an underground city and the temple was build from the bottom up.

But why would all this be under the temple? Could it be evidence of Lord Shiva and his role during the Great Flood. Maybe an alien base of some sort was used as refuge from the waters. Then the world repopulated after the destruction.

This ties with the theory and some texts that Shiva might have actually helped a previous race of humans before destroying them for some reason via the flood or some other catastrophic event and then reseeding the world with people. These temples are said to be very hard to date and some think they could be older than thought, a lot older.

SCulptures male and female
Shiva Lingas are thought to represent male and female, but not everyone agrees

Near Sirsi in South West India people make pilgrimage each year to see stone sculptures normally hidden uder the river’s waters. Known as Shiva Lingas they are found all over India and even through China and Japan. These cylindrical sculptures are thought by some archeologists to represent the male and female but others have another theory.

Back in 1900 at an conference in France an Indian expert gave a lecture on them that stunned the listeners. He explained they actually represented the divine manifestation of Shiva’s energy coming and going, similar to some carvings that show him on a pillar of fire or energy.

Other also tie this to atomic or nuclear power, saying the shape is very close to that of a nuclear power station with its cooling towers. They also cite the ritual of pouring water over them just like we do now to cool nuclear fuel in the reactor. The temples are also typically situated near water, just like nuclear plants.

A battery
A battery made up using some ancient designs

Ancient Astronaut theorists also point to other figures in the text that appear to mention of with steam ships, flying devices and telescopes. There is even a text that contains detailed instructions on how to make a battery…one of the Ancient Aliens contributors took them to a local scientist and they worked!

Could it be that ancient aliens coexisted with humans? But if so what happened to Shiva and all the technology?

Well some say the answers lie beneath the sacred slopes of Mount Kailash. This 22,000 feet Tibetan moiuntain is holy to four major religions. The legend is that it is the home of Shiva but what if it is really is more than it appears.

Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash is sacred in Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism

China prohibits climbing of the mountain and many who have ventured up have reported rapid ageing and felt a strange energy.

The top certainly does have a most regular appearance but is that anything more than geological chance?

Could an alien base be within the mountain or ruined technology leaking radiation?
Could an alien base be within the mountain or ruined technology leaking radiation?

After the first test detonation of an atomic bomb in New Mexico, American  theoretical physicist  Robert Oppenheimer later quoted Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita saying: “: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Ancient Aliens asks whether we should re-examine these texts and perhaps view Shiva in a new light, perhaps even as a metaphor for energy itself.

Might humanity’s fate be determined by Shiva the Destroyer?

To wrap up the show Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from Legendary Times tells us: “The extraterrestrials will come back and it will be the most amazing chapter in human history.”

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