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Ancient Aliens investigates Rudloe Manor and its association with UFOs

Ancient Aliens investigates the mysteries of Rudloe Manor in England
Ancient Aliens investigates the mysteries of Rudloe Manor in England

This week Ancient Aliens heads across the Atlantic to investigate Rudloe Manor in England, that is said by some to be a center for secret UFO research.

Rudloe Manor is nested in a quiet corner of Wiltshire, in south west England and to all intents and purpose looks like many other country piles.

However, many ufologists believe it has been the location for the UK’s UFO research facility since World War II. They say that leaked information from Ministry of Defence insiders points buried caverns amounting to millions of square feet lying beneath the manor.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens heads into the field

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of Legendary Times and former official British Government UFO investigator Nick Pope examine whether the place is a stash for various important documents related to UFO sightings and perhaps even some alien artefacts or craft.

They wonder if the true stories behind the 1974 Berwyn Mountains incident or the Renlesham forest encounter could lie within.

Rudloe Manor on Map
Rudloe Manor lies close to Bristol in south-west England

On January 23, 1974 in the mountains of Wales various reports were made of a loud noise and bright lights in the sky.

UFO experts believe the government may have covered up what was the crash of a UFO but the declassified Ministry of Defence files say that their was a small 3.5 magnitude earthquake on that evening and by coincidence a meteor was also seen widely across the country at the same time.

There was a police investigation but given the size of the quake, if it had been an impact then a very large crater would have been visible.

The gate at RAF Woodbridge, where the Rendlesham Forest incident started and UFO sightings reported
RAF Woodbridge’s gate, where the Rendlesham Forest incident started and UFO sightings were reported

In 1980 Rendlesham Forest was home to RAF Woodbridge and being used by the U.S. Air Force.

Deputy base commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt reported that in late December in the early hours of the morning a security patrol saw lights that seemed to land in the forest.

At first the USAF patrol thought it was a crashed plane but the report says they saw a glowing metallic object, that had colored lights.

When they went towards it the object moved away and caused alarm amongst nearby farm animals.

A daytime investigation of the spot found three small marks in a triangle pattern. Police arrived later and thought the impressions might have been from an animal.

A few days later servicemen were taking radiation readings from the site when more lights were spotted.

Will Tsoukalos and Pope discover anything new about Rudloe?

Ancient Aliens airs Fridays at 9/8c on History Channel. 

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