Ancient Aliens investigates Ishi-no-Hoden the Japanese ‘spaceship made of stone’

base of Ishi-no-Hoden, large cube shaped rock carved to appear to float on water
Ishi-no-Hoden, explored on Ancient Aliens this week, is an unusual megalith

This week Ancient Aliens takes a look at some of the many megalithic structures around Japan that many think are related to a time when Earth was visited by extraterrestrials.

One such structure is Ishi-no-Hoden, an ancient and holy Shinto shrine that is carved from a single piece of rock. It’s cunningly carved to appear as if it is actually hovering above the pool of water it stands in, with the overall structure being situated in an old quarry.

A view from the top of the quarry showing the tree-covered top
A view from the top of the quarry showing the tree-covered top of what some say is supposed to represent a spaceship

Some say that it is supposed to show a sky ship with an long gone people coming down from heaven. Ancient astronaut theorists point to this as perhaps a sign of people remembering a time when gods or aliens really did come down form the sky to visit Earth, perhaps imparting knowledge to the grateful population.

Ancient Aliens airs on Fridays at 9/8c on History.

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