Ancient Aliens: Does Russia have secret proof of aliens?

Ancient Aliens
Ancient Aliens tonight looks at whether Vladimir Putin has proof of alien visits

Tonight on Ancient Aliens the show looks into whether Russia has secret files containing evidence of extraterrestrial visits.

Russia covers a vast land area that has swallowed up armies in the past, but does it also conceal evidence of alien visitation?

The country is strewn with ancient sites and it is also often hit by objects falling from space. Could some of these have been more than meteorites?

Arkaim is at the southern end of the Ural range, close to the border with Kazakhstan. In 1987 archeologists uncovered an ancient settlement there and the area has since become a paranormal hotspot.

A map showing Arkaim, where some think Ancient Aliens visited
A map showing Arkaim, where some think ancient aliens visited

Known as Russia’s Twilight Zone this area draws in psychics, alien hunters and those who seek to better understand the unexplained events which happen there.

Arkaim from above
The Arkaim archaeological site, which was once a relatively large settlement, seen from above

Many scientists agree that Arkaim was once a fairly large city, the capital of a civilisation believed to be as old as the pyramids in Egypt.

The settlement is contained with two overlapping circular walls and some experts believe this is actually a representation of the universe.

Arkaim and the universe
The foundations of Arkaim laid against an image of the universe

Who were these skilled ancients who built it, and did they have outside help?

Another remote town famous for more recent reports of extraterrestrial activity is Molyobka in the Perm region.

Local Emil Bachrurin spoke to a documentary crew back in 1996 where he told them: “All of them looked like humans. Some are just like you and me and others are oversized giants 4 or 5 meters tall and they fly through the air.”

Alien experts claim the area has almost daily contact with UFOs. Visitors go by boat and then trek some 8km to reach one of hot sites in the so-called Zone.

One alien hunter visiting a location known as Astral Meadow said he had once seen something interesting but that he didn’t want to talk about it.

The other side to all this are the many files held by the Russian military on UFO sightings by pilots and military personnel.

Western experts say that the KGB were very interested in aliens, some even claiming some MIGS tried to shoot down a UFO and were blasted out of the sky for their trouble!

These records dating back into the Soviet era must surely be a mine of information on possible alien visits, ancient or otherwise.

Find out more on Ancient Aliens – Russia’s Secret Files tonight at 9/8c on History.

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