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Ancient Aliens asks if you can access alien powers at certain frequencies

Ancient Aliens on Angkor Wat i
Angkor Wat temple complex features on Ancient Aliens. Credit:  Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

This week on Ancient Aliens, can chanting and repeating mantras let you access a higher plain or even alien powers?

People all over the world swear they improve their well being by chanting or repeating ancient mantras, but could they also be tapping into another plane of existence. Perhaps putting themselves in a higher state lets them tap into something that we cannot access during normal consciousness.

Newgrange in Ireland features on Ancient Aliens
Newgrange in Ireland is discussed on Ancient Aliens. Credit: TJP Finn

The show also asks whether certain frequencies correspond to ones used by extraterrestrials and if using this frequency gives access to powerful forces.

They point to the fact that people all over the world at different periods in time have used these techniques without ever being in contact with each other. They also say that ancient construction like Newgrange monument in Ireland and the huge temple complex of Angkor Wat are designed to create a hum or tone at this sacred frequency.

Ancient Aliens airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM on History Channel.

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