Ancient Aliens and Valiant Thor’s nuclear ultimatum

Lynn Picknett
Lynn Picknett on the latest episode of Ancient Aliens

Who is Valiant Thor you might well ask…well History Channel’s Ancient Aliens has the answer.

The show examines the numerous alien myths that have been handed down throughout human history and looks at the evidence to support these stories.

The tale of Valiant Thor sees him being sent by High Council representing the intergalactic community, who were worried somewhat by the US and Russia’s recently developed nuclear weapon capability.

It is said Valiant Thor arrived in a scout ship some time in the 1950s. He talked with high level US military, including the Joint Chiefs, giving a friendly warning that if the nuclear weapons were not disarmed then destruction was likely.

We take it North Korea might be getting a visit soon, let’s hope Kim Jong-un doesn’t try to give Valiant Thor a hair cut.

Oh and I suppose now you want to know all about the Nine Sky Lords…next time my friends.

Ancient Aliens airs Fridays at 9/8c on History.

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