Anais on Love & Hip Hop: Jonathan worried about ‘skinny’ friend after new photo shows weight loss, Rich confirms mental health issues

Anais Martinez from Love & Hip Hop
The Love & Hip Hop New York crew is worried about Anais. Pic credit: @therealanais/Instagram

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop, Anais wasn’t present but quite a bit of time was spent talking about what she’s been up to. It all started when Jonathan Fernandez asked Rich Dollaz what was going on with his friend.

It sounds like Anais has cut Jonathan off because he said she was not returning his calls and neither was her husband. Worried about his friend, he turned to Rich for answers.

Jonathan became concerned for his friend after he was shown a social media photo of Anais where she was looking skinny and not quite right. Jonathan also worried because he said Anais had been posting videos where she was sharing conspiracy theories and apparently just wasn’t making sense.

Rich confirmed that Anais and her husband Ruben were avoiding Jonathan and that his relationship with Anais had been a bit “toxic”. He also informed Jonathan that Anais has been dealing with some mental health issues and was getting help.

It’s not entirely clear what Anais is going through but on Love & Hip Hop, Rich Dollaz said that Anais was being held in a mental health facility because she refused to take medication.

Hopefully, at some point this season, Anais will make an appearance where she can speak for herself and let everyone know how she’s doing. In the meantime, a lot of Love & Hip Hop fans are worried about her and hope that she will be okay.

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