Amy goes on motorcycle date and Matt’s spending is an issue on Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World
Matt’s spending is getting a little crazy on Little People, Big World

On this episode of Little People, Big World, Amy jumps on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle as she heads off on a date.

Amy has been single a while and now that she is dating, nothing is going to stop her having a good time.

Last week Matt was trying to get the family interested in his survival bunker project and a few weeks back he was busy installing cameras all over the farm.

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Amy talks about Matt's magpie nature
Amy talks about Matt’s magpie nature

Now he’s looking to buy more than just farm equipment and Amy is getting annoyed over the spending. She reckons he’s always had this need to have the latest toys and gadgets, she doesn’t have a problem with normal spending on running the farm….but do they really need a new throne for the castle folly?

Also this week, Zach has a go at some DIY…

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