America’s Got Talent: The Champions recap: Susan Boyle gets Golden Buzzer with Wild Horses

Susan Boyle performs on America's Got Talent: The Champions
Susan Boyle performs on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Pic credit: NBC

This America’s Got Talent: The Champions recap covers the season premiere episode. It was a busy night, with 10 acts performing on the big stage, all with the hopes of making it to the finals.

First night performers were Bianca Ryan, Susan Boyle, Alex Magala, Vicki Barbolak, Sara & Hero, Sofie Dossi, Preacher Lawson, The Clairvoyants, Uzeyer Novruzov, and Justice Crew.

During each of the first five episodes of the season, 10 different acts will perform in front of judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum. Two acts will advance each night, taking spots in the finals and trying to become the overall AGT champion.

Bianca Ryan

AGT Season 1 winner Bianca Ryan started off the night for the show. It was a raw performance, showing how she has matured as a singer.

Her backstory was given, revealing that Ryan had to undergo vocal chord surgery and has been battling back. Her full performance is shown below.

The Clairvoyants

The mentalist duo was on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. They finished as the runners-up and performed another mystifying act as the second ones up on The Champions. The video below shows how they left the judges stunned.

Sara and Hero

Sara and her dog Hero have also returned to the stage. They were a finalist act from AGT Season 12, so fans will likely remember them well.

When they took the stage, Simon Cowell gave them a standing ovation. Take a look at the video to see them in action again.

Uzeyer Novruzov

During AGT Season 10, Uzeyer Novruzov performed his ladder act for the audience. He suffered a pretty bad fall, though, hurting his chances of winning that time around. His newest ladder performance is shown in the video below.

Vicki Barbolak

The energetic comedian returns. Vicki Barbolak recently did an interview with Monsters and Critics, and now she is on the AGT stage again.

She was a Season 13 finalist this past summer, so she is certainly fresh in the minds of viewers. Her latest comedic set is shown below.

Alex Magala

Sword swallower Alex Magala has been on a number of different talent stages. He was on AGT Season 8, BGT Season 10, and became the Russian winner.

His act is better viewed than described and his latest performance on the AGT stage is shown below.

Justice Crew

This is a dance group that won on the Australian version of the show. Justice Crew became big stars within the country, but performing on The Champions has the possibility to make them a worldwide name.

Unfortunately for them, the U.S. audience has seen a lot of really good dance performers in recent years.

Susan Boyle

Singer Susan Boyle finished as the runner-up on BGT Season 3. She took the stage this time with something new to prove.

Her performance of Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones might have been the highlight of the night. She was certainly the highlight of this America’s Got Talent: The Champions recap.

Sofie Dossi

A contortionist from AGT Season 11, Sofie Dossi was back to impress the judges and the audience again. She did just that, in the performance shown below, but would it be enough to compete with some of the other big-name acts of the night?

Preacher Lawson

Season 12 AGT comedian Preacher Lawson returned with more jokes. He has made a strong career for himself since being on the show, but this appearance should help him even more. Would his humor win over the judges and the super fans?

The show had a group of super fans on hand to decide who would be going to the finals. The first choice was already Susan Boyle, as she received the Golden Buzzer from Mel B.

As for the super fans, their top three choices were Bianca Ryan, Preacher Lawson, and Sofie Dossi.

Advancing from Day 1 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions to the finals are Susan Boyle and Preacher Lawson.

America’s Got Talent: The Champions airs Monday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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