America’s Got Talent recap: Troy James terrifies, Glennis Grace and Brody Ray bring down the house

Brody Ray On America's Got Talent
Brody Ray during the June 26 episode of America’s Got Talent – Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent displayed even more breathtaking acts as the fifth audition episode of Season 13 shocked and entertained. Still, in the early stages, there were plenty of disappointments, including Heidi Klum’s still-unused Golden Buzzer. But acts like Troy James, Vivien Vajda and Brody Ray are proof that the bar is set high this season.

Can you twist like Troy James?

The first contestant to take the stage was Troy James. This was the contestant which the AGT producers had allowed fans to see through a sneak peek on Twitter this week. As can be seen in the video below, he made quite an impact on the judges. Mel B, right before he got started, stated that Troy seemed sweet.

Though the judges didn’t really know what they were watching, they all gave him glowing praise once he was done on the stage. Despite terrifying some of the audience members and forcing Tyra Banks to run and hide, Troy James advanced to the next round with ease.

A number of other acts also impressed the judges on this night, but would Heidi Klum use her golden buzzer? Coming into the night, the other three judges had already used theirs. Even Tyra Banks had done it, using her golden buzzer during the season premiere to reward a large dance troop called Zurcaroh.

Vivien Vajda proves that jumping rope isn’t boring

The judges didn’t seem very impressed when Vivien Vajda took the stage and stated that her act was jumping rope. Any doubts they might have had quickly vanished when she began her impressive act.

The judges absolutely loved Vivien and she easily sailed on to the next round. If she can build upon this performance, she might be someone who can stick around until the live shows.

A few more of the memorable performers from June 26 and the videos are listed below.

Joseph O’Brien may be the next big thing

A shy singer, Joseph took the stage to sing Hello, by Lionel Richie. As seen in the video below, the judges felt that he might be someone that could grow a large fan-following. Tyra Banks spoke with him after the performance, hinting that a lot of girls could be in his future.

Glennis Grace pulled off Whitney Houston

A brave woman named Glennis Grace took the stage, telling the judges she was going to perform a Whitney Houston song. It’s no secret that Whitney is really hard to nail but she certainly knew what she was doing. Glennis sang Run To You and took a huge step toward becoming a star with this performance.

Glennis Grace might have one of the best voices on the show this season. She sounded very similar to Whitney Houston, though, so she may have to step out from that a bit. Due to her amazing performance, she easily got four votes to move on to the next round.

Rob Lake manages to catch the crowd’s interest

Illusionist Rob Lake took the stage about halfway through the episode. Could he follow a comedian who failed to impress the judges? The video below might answer that question for fans and readers.

Rob Lake managed to impress, unlike the magician before him, and is now on to the next round. If he can duplicate the interest level that he created with this illusion, he might get all the way to the final shows this season.

Brian King Joseph captivated with his story and his talent

An electric violinist, Brian King Joseph took the AGT stage. It was revealed that he is suffering from a nerve disease that is taking away his ability to feel his hands and feet. It will eventually take away the feeling in his entire body. That early story got the judges and audience on his side right away, but his talent was soon even more impressive than the story.

The judges loved the performance by Brian King Joseph and unanimously agreed that he needed to move on to the next round. His story is one to watch closely this season.

Brody Ray sings Stand in the Light

The night ended with an impressive performance by singer Brody Ray. He chose to perform Stand in the Light, by Jordan Smith and did so very impressively. When asked about the song choice, Brody explained that significance of that song in his life, making the entire performance that much more meaningful.

The audience gave Brody Ray a standing ovation and the judges absolutely loved him. Heidi Klum did not love him enough to hand out her golden buzzer though so we’re still waiting to see who she thinks deserves the special pass, but Brody will be back again in the next round.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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