America’s Got Talent live show recap: Hans, Zucaroh and Michael Ketterer have AGT viewers talking

Us the Duo performs on AGT
Us the Duo performs during August 28 episode of America’s Got Talent — Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent returned with the third quarterfinal show on Tuesday night. The August 28 AGT recap covers performances by Us the Duo, Hans, Rob Lake, and nine other acts. In all, 12 acts would perform, with seven of them advancing to the semifinals this summer.

Last week, seven other acts advanced, including Makayla Phillips, Samuel J. Comroe, and Glennis Grace. America would get to decide seven more to join them, but first, they had to perform again on Tuesday night. After the August 28 episode, America gets to vote on who should advance. The results show is on August 29.

Do The Future Kingz have enough Power to move on?

Dance group, The Future Kingz, was back with another upbeat performance that got the audience revved up to start the new episode. This time, the Chicago-based dance group performed to Power by Kanye West.

Us the Duo takes the stage with another original song

The married couple has emerged as one of the contenders to possibly become the 2018 AGT winners. But first, they had to impress America and find out if the support was there in the quarterfinals.

The group performed another original song, this one called Like I Did With You. Their performance is in the video below.

Daniel Emmet’s Italian version of Aerosmith

Opera singer Daniel Emmet had the tough task of performing in a season packed with vocal talents. In an effort definitely designed to get the American audiences on his side, he performed I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing in Italian.

It was a powerful performance, but was it enough to win over the voters? Everyone will find out during the results show.

Brian King Joseph put a different spin on Fall Out Boy

This is the electric violinist who is slowly losing the ability to play beautiful music. It wouldn’t be coming to an end on this night, though, as Brian King Joseph was there to impress the AGT judges again.

This was also the first time he got to perform live for America. His performance of Centuries by Fall Out Boy can be seen in the video below.

Aaron Crow wows again with Simon’s help

One of the impressive danger acts from the earlier shows, a lot of viewers wanted to see what Aaron Crow would do next. This is the guy who rotated on a platform before shooting an arrow toward an apple during the Ken Jeong guest-judge episode.

Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel helped with his act this time. Can he overcome a red X given to him by judge Mel B? His performance, seen below, is now in the hands of the voters.

Joseph O’Brien brings down the house with We Could Build A House

Joseph O’Brien returned with another original song, hoping that he could impress the judges and the audience. The song, called We Could Build A House, led to a standing ovation by most of the audience. While the judges didn’t stand up for him, it was certainly another example of his strong vocals.

Hans had Mel B on his side with a Spice Girls hit

One of the favorite acts of judge Simon Cowell, Hans was back with another energy-filled performance for the judges. This is also the first time that America will get to decide if he should advance to the next round.

Did the accordionist do enough to garner the support of the voters? He certainly had the support of Mel B while singing Spice Up Your Life.

UDI Dance take on an 80s hit

The glow in the dark dance crew was back with a video game performance. It didn’t come off as clean as their performances in the past and that might cost them with the at-home audience. It was still entertaining, as they acted out a sequence to Take On Me.

Christina Wells gets a standing ovation for I am Changing

It’s time for a performance from Dream Girls. The movie has lent itself to some memorable numbers on the show and Christina Wells was hoping for the same from her rendition of I Am Changing. After hitting the final note of her song, she had everyone in the place, including the judges, standing in applause.

Zurcaroh leave AGT viewers speechless

The golden-buzzer-winning Zurcaroh was back for another performance on AGT. They had been extremely impressive to the judges and on social media, but now the test of performing for America was on the table. The video below may tell the tale of whether they have what it takes to advance to the semifinals.

Rob Lake revs up the AGT audience with motorcycle magic

Illusionist Rob Lake has been one of the acts most talked about during his prior performances. This would be no different, as now he needed to impress not just the judges, but also the millions of people watching from home.

The only way to get to the semifinals and compete against some of the other magical acts would be to up-the-ante.

Michael Kettener has AGT believing with moving rendition of Us

The father of six and golden buzzer winner put it all on the line Tuesday night for the audience. The pressure was on to not only stand out among a lot of other vocal performers this season but to also get America on his side. Check out the video below to see if he was able to do it.

That brings an end to the August 28 America’s Got Talent recap. As a reminder, seven of these 12 acts will advance to the next AGT results show, which will air Wednesday night (August 29) on NBC.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.


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