America’s Got Talent recap: Noah Guthrie, Quin and Misha, The Savitsky Cats advance to live shows

The Savitsky Cats perform
The Savitsky Cats perform on America’s Got Talent July 31 episode. Image via: NBC

America’s Got Talent 2018 season returned for Judge Cuts 3 and many great acts fought to move on. Eighteen acts performed, with only seven getting a chance to return for the live shows.

Country singer Martina McBride joined the panel this time, gaining the ability to use the golden buzzer to automatically send an act to the live shows.

Acts like Hans, Joseph O’Brien, and Shin Lim advanced from Judge Cuts 2, with the help of celebrity judge Olivia Munn. Actor Ken Jeong was on hand for Judge Cuts 1, taking part in advancing acts like Aaron Crow, Voice of Hope Children’s Choir, and Us the Duo.

Who would Martina McBridge, Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel help to advance to the live shows from the July 31 episode? Find out below.

The Savitsky Cats

The America’s Got Talent cats returned during the July 31 episode and kicked things off with a performance that the judges enjoyed.

This is an act that it seems like the judges struggle to speak well of, but they used enough cat puns to make it seem like The Savitsky Cats could be performing for a live audience soon.

PAC Dance team

The dance group from California considers itself a family and these are all kids from a program trying to help them. Could their energy and love for dance help them to survive Judge Cuts 3?

Howie Mandel buzzed the group during the auditions and buzzed them this time as well. He didn’t like them, while Heidi Klum and Martina McBride defended the group.

Quin and Misha

The 71-year-old dancer with a 35-year-old partner was back for another dance routine. They were excited to perform again and had a long introduction about their backgrounds.

Martina McBride absolutely loved Quin and Misha and pushed her golden buzzer. This sends Quin and Misha straight to the live shows.

Noah Guthrie

The Glee alum, Noah Guthrie, was back to sing another song for the judges. It didn’t go entirely smoothly, though, as Simon cut him off and had him perform a secondary song.

Noah had been performing I Would Die 4 U by Prince when Simon brought it to a halt. That gave him a shot to sing Whipping Boy, by The Allman Brothers, and it turned into a memorable performance for the night. He is definitely one to watch in the live shows.

Udi Dance

It wouldn’t be America’s Got Talent without a ramped up dance group using technology. Of all those groups this season, Udi Dance has set itself apart. Could they do it again during the Judge cuts?

The audience and judges absolutely loved it again. It’s unclear how many people watching at home enjoys this group, but based on how well the performances have gone, Udi Dance might just be in the running to win the $1 million prize.

We Three

The sibling group returned after a really strong audition performance. This time, We Three planned to perform an original song called Lifeline for the five judges.

The trio was strong again and brings originality to the show. Their impressive backstory and great stage performance could have We Three in the running during the live shows as well.

The Sacred Riana

The creepy magician was back for another performance, taking the stage with a doll and hinting that her imaginary friend would be joining them soon.

This is definitely one of those acts that are an acquired taste, but would people pay money to go see a full show of her antics on stage?

Judge Cuts 3

This was the end of the road for 12 acts, including comedian Oliver Graves, acrobats Jules and Jerome, singer Mrs. Trysh, and young singers Jeffrey Li and Angel Garcia. Seven acts would be surviving to battle it out during the all-important live-shows.

Six more acts would be joining Martina McBride’s golden buzzer pick (Quin and Misha) to advance to the live shows. The judges chose The Savitsky CatsPAC Dance Team, The Sacred Riana, Udi Dance, Noah Guthrie, and We Three to win the night.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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